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Can A Soul Coach Help To Transform You?

Cerise has been a Soul Coach for 16 years sharing her insight and spiritual guidance with clients from various walks of life who are seeking spiritual balance and emotional comfort. Click this link for her bio: Cerise is a Soul Coach, Author, Speaker, Visionary, Vlogger and Influencer. From Newspapers to Radio to TV and the internet Cerise loves sharing her insight, spirituality, travels, food dishes and life experiences. Cerise has been a Soul Coach, also referred to as a Life Coach, for close to two decades. Cerise has experienced many walks of life, with many inspiring experiences and with many interesting people. These experiences have given Cerise tools to navigate life and to build inner peace and personal success. She will guide you along your personal journey as you use the tools these tools too! These tools have helped many clients to build a life of inspiration, spirituality and personal success. Contact (829) 702- 7726 or https://www.c
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Get It Over It

  Look at the situation and say "Is this person and issue worth my enery?" If yes, then express how you feel. If no, then leave it alone. Getting unnecessarily worked up over situations that aren't important speaks volumes about your inability to deal with negative situations. Mature your mind and grow from it. Get over it! * There will always be a situation that will get under your skin, but chances are the situation is not severe and you are better than what the situation is. * Pull up your big person panties, put away your boxing gloves, jump out of the boxing and jump into maturity. * Change your mindset and you will change the outcome. #metamind #metamindset #metamotivation #bebetter #heal #getoverit #letitgo #itsnotworthit #youarebeautiful #youarebetter #takemomenttoreflect #reflection

Bad People

  They are out there. They are the disrespectful people who take you for granted, treat you badly or truly have no concept of how to treat others in the way they would like to be treated. Their ignorance speaks volumes about the mindset in which they chose to live life by. These types of people can be truly annoying. The way they treat people may be unsettling, but remember, it is their mindset, It is not your mindset, so don't take it on. When you pay attention to their unhealthy way of speaking and treating people, either by taking it personally or by doing it back to them, you are simply perpetuating the bad behavior and making it a part of your energy. What you need to do is take yourself a level higher and be a better caliber type of person. Do your best to ignore ignorance and push past the frustration of having to deal with their disruptive character. It may be tough at first,  but eventually you will realize that they have no power over you and they will soon appear wea

Get What You Want

      You can have it all. Health, wealth, love and beauty! Everything you desire is  within your reach. Don't compare yourself to others living an attractive life. Create the best life for you! In this video we will go through how to manifest our goals just by writing them into existence. You may not like to Meditate, or maybe you just cannot and don't want to. That is okay! In this video you will learn how to attract the things you want and get them without meditation. Our powerful abilities to draw a mental image and write a physical picture to attract what we want is within our grasp. Let's start now! Please subscribe for more content on living better and being phenomenal! IG::: #manifestation #manifest #getwhatyouwant #howtogetwhatyouwant #howdoigetmore #howcanifindlove

This Could Change Your Life


Your Relationship Is A Joke

  You blame your partner for the crappie relationship you have, yet you are partly responsible for the condition of things. * It's not their fault that you continue to love them more than you love sanity. * It's especially not their problem that you don't have any clue how to love yourself, and you continue beating yourself up by obsessing over the negativity of your relationship while blaming them for the emotional bruises you have. * It's time to take a look inward where you will find the answers to the problem. Looking at yourself will help you to understand the real isues. * Perhaps you are stuck and you don't have the answers on how to unglue yourself from the disaster you're in. Well seeking deep into your soul will help. * Asking others who can guide you; A mindset coach, a doctor, a friend or even youtube videos of confessions from others who have experienced the same situation and transitioned from it can help you enormously. * STOP SITTING

Don't Wait

  When you have the time today, but you put off tasks, projects and ideas for success until tomorrow, you will collect on your blessings much later as opposed to sooner. * Do what needs to be done today. Even if only a small portion of it can be accomplished today, that small bit can grow into something big tomorrow. * Putting things off only holds you back. Weather it's ending a job, a relationship, a habit or starting something new, it is important to get the first steps out of the way so that by tomorrow you are well on your way to walking into progress and benefiting sooner. * Procrastination is not your friend. It is an enormous enemy waiting for your laziness to smother you like a wave of water drowning you into the abyss of nothingness. * Start today and tomorrow you will wake up to your plans already in motion and you well on your way to achieving your goals. -Love Cerise #mindsetcoach #positive #changeyourlife #alteryourlife #positivemindset #mindsetmatters #mind

Lighten Up

  Seriously, ease up! It's amazing if you are the person who strives for the best you possible. That's what we should do in life. Always aim to be better. * Nevertheless, don't be hard on yourself for not being the vision of perfection.  * Perfection is not a reality that any human can be. Even if they are the most beautiful on the inside and gorgeous on the outside there will always be some improvement that needs to be made.  * We really need to lighten up sometimes with our self deprecation. It's fine to acknowledge what we would like to alter or transform within ourselves and our life, but it isn't okay to pick and poke and expect perfection.  * Take it easy on yourself. You will get better with each step and with each step a better you will help others be better too. - Love Cerise #dontbesoserious #2022 #takeyourtime #easeup #beeasyonyourself #behappy #bebetter #dobetter #laugh #laughatyourself #yourenotperfect #perfection #perfect #perfectionism

2022 Redesign Your Life

    It has been next to impossible for many people to REDESIGN their life. They had big plans for 2019 until the year hit the world hard. Then 2020 things started to look up, 2021, we as a people started to regroup and gain some regrowth. * Well 2022 is upon is and it is appearing as if it will present to you more opportunity to finally put your 2019 plans into action. * Now is not a time for fear before faith. Put FAITH in the first position of order and allow your steps to be filled with energy, peace, joy and love. * Happy New You! #retireinthedominicanrepublic #redesign #regrowth #regroup #doyou #bewise #faithbeforefear


  We know what it is, but many of us are not aware of what great benefits can come from exercising this wonderful virtue, Self-control. * When we use self-control in our everyday dealings with people and habits we gain not only self-respect, but also deep respect from others. * Self control speaks volumes about your mind and how the inner part of you works. * It shows you how great you can be and also how amazing your life can unfold just by paying attention to how you treat yourself and the individuals around you. * You are a vessel of endless possibilities. Through self control, one day at a time, you can achieve what blessing(s) you desire. * Gain self control now. It may be putting that fork down and not eating every bite of food in front of you, putting down the alcohol when you already feel intoxicated, or lighting less cigarettes. It could be holding back from over expressing anger and resentment. It could be as simple as not saying offensive words. * Once you get yo

Fake Friends Narcissism

It's heartbreaking when a person that you really liked and wanted to be close friends with disappoints you with their personality so much that you eventually don't even want to be around them.  One day you appreciate them, look forward to chilling with them, but then you realize after spending time with them how disrespectful they are regarding other people. How in public they loudly speak horrible things about another person and their private life, and they do it with a smile on their face and a laugh in their tone. You realize how they call everyone else  crazy, bad and broken yet they fail to recognize that their own faults are disturbing and how deeply torn they truly are. If something doesn't work out the way they planned it, then this person becomes hateful, mean and disrespectful. They will try to destroy the other person's good reputation by speaking terrible things about them, because they didn't get what they wanted. They only want what they want, and when

Truth About Manifestation

  Manifestation is not a tool we learn to master. In fact we manifest automatically every day and all day long. There is no secret behind manifesting. However, there is a skill behind it. * That skill is to make Manifestation work in your favour. It is to make the outcome of what you are Manifesting benefit you immensely and entirely. * When you think negative of your body, your partner, your job, your life-  everything, you are powerfully manifesting more of what you do not like and certainly do not want. * How are you doing that? It is simple. You are focusing on it. You are nurturing it. You are fertilizing the very thing that you don't want in your life just by thought- the power of the mind. * By constantantly thinking about what you despise you will increase the power of it. You give it strength to take precedence in your life. Eventually it will control your thoughts, feelings and quite possibly your actions. * If you want to undertake positive Manifestation, you w

Divine Voice

When you don't listen to your small voice within the big voices on the outside will run and ruin your life. Follow your intuition. Beat to your own drum. Listen to your divine wisdom.

True Meaning Of 3am

  Once again you wake up at 3am. This keeps happening and you don't know how. It can be annoying, because you need your sleep, and waking up at 3am disturbs your complete night of rest. * Well there is a good reason why you are waking up at 3am. This is the time that the spirit likes to return back to it's body host. * When you fall asleep your spirit leaves your body. it literally jumps out of your body and goes to work to help plan your future. * It may visit the past, stay in the present and replay the day's events, but most times it will fly into the future to help plan and organize what is to come in your life. * Waking at 3am says that your spirit mind is busy, but your body is sensitive and it is waking up, because it can literally feel your spirit re-enter the host, the body, you. * There are ways to deal with this, and you may find it difficult at first or a great solution, but when all is said and done, try not to get anxious or angry. This happens to th

Voice Within

  Listen to the small voice within. It will guide you to depths of unbelievable love, inner peace and personal transition.  * It is the silent voice of consciousness. It has no sound, but it does have an unmistakable waking voice within.  * It may be quiet but it has a strong force which will speak to you to do what's right and know the difference from doing wrong. * Once you are tapped into this deeper intelligence you will have the commonsense to not trust unworthy people.  * The people who mean you no good will fall to the wayside. You will still acknowledge their existence, but you will not see them as you once did. For you will see them as the slithering jealous snakes they are. * Perhaps they mean you more good than you know. Maybe at this point you are confused, hurt and don't know if you can trust this person or these people. The inner voice within will help remove the confusion. * Once you are connected to the all knowing conscious intelligence within you will no longe

Hurry Up & Be Patient

  Patience speaks volumes about your maturity, character and mindset. * Exercising patience increases the level of spiritual consciousness within you.  * When you live with patience it show's in the way you speak, the way you carryout your daily tasks and the way you treat others.  * Using patience demonstrates the maturity your soul has and the peace that your mind operates with. * There is a time for everything to unfold and the timing is meticulously planned. Just like a rose does not die immediately after being snipped from the root, it's main source of life, the same rule applies for most things in life. * We are born, we live life, then we die. No matter how quick or how long that process unfolds there is still an order we must respect and wait on.  * The Almighty Creator has a plan for everything, and a time in which it is best to unfold. Be patient, because when that plan unfolds you will be happy you waited, for what is to come even you would not have been able to plan

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Kick Start

When we first start out it's not always easy. In fact it can sometimes be so tough that we may want to quit and pack it in. But always remember that the first step is hard the second step is a stumble the third step we begin to realize that we can do it the fourth step we got it the 5th step we are star so don't give up keep going forward until you shine like the star you are.

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Life Is Hard Enough

Don't make life harder than what it is. Habits, substances and the external addictions only complicate your life. Life is challenging enough without the unhelpful and unhealthy habits. Focus on healing yourself, loving yourself and rising yourself above the struggle and strife.  #spirituality #spiritualquotes #livebetter #dontblameyourself #livegood #taketimetoheal #healwithin #loveyourself  

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Love Yourself First

When you know someone is not good for you do not sacrifice for them. Love yourself and trust in Creator that your true love will come.  -Cerise

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What Is God

Woman said: Cerise, I just don't know how to believe in this God stuff. Me: Maybe you've never been given a reason to. Or perhaps you've just not recognized the signs. Woman: What do you mean? Me: Well sometimes people run to God when they experience personal pain, life trauma... Bad experiences in general. Sometimes they were introduced to God at a very young age and had the innocence to understand the power of the majestic source/creator of all, and learned to lean on that understanding throughout life- Woman: So why does God allow bad to happen? Why do I experience so many challenges?! Me: We are living an experience. Souls on earth enduring a human existence. In order to understand life, its negatives and positives, the gravity of earth with its yin and yang, we must go through trials and tribulations. Challenges teach us, strengthen us, mature us. Although some challenges may be discouraging we will get through them. Some challenges can make you feel real l

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