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Can A Soul Coach Help To Transform You?

Cerise has been a Soul Coach for 16 years sharing her insight and spiritual guidance with clients from various walks of life who are seeking spiritual balance and emotional comfort. Click this link for her bio: Cerise is a Soul Coach, Author, Speaker, Visionary, Vlogger and Influencer. From Newspapers to Radio to TV and the internet Cerise loves sharing her insight, spirituality, travels, food dishes and life experiences. Cerise has been a Soul Coach, also referred to as a Life Coach, for close to two decades. Cerise has experienced many walks of life, with many inspiring experiences and with many interesting people. These experiences have given Cerise tools to navigate life and to build inner peace and personal success. She will guide you along your personal journey as you use the tools these tools too! These tools have helped many clients to build a life of inspiration, spirituality and personal success. Contact (829) 702- 7726 or https://www.c
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Ditch them if they don't support you

If they don't respect you, believe in you or support you they are not about you and don't care about you. They don't want you to win! Don't lose with them. Cut them loose.   

Erosion of Self Esteem

MONDAY'S MESSAGE To prevent the erosion of self esteem reinvent yourself. For some of us a monotonous cycle can take a toll on us. That's why we must always refresh our life. Take a free course online,  join a new group, pick up a new interest, focus on health. Get a new hairstyle, a new wardrobe. Even more extreme; go for that new job, move to a new place, seek a brand new circle of friends, sell your stuff and jet around the world, or live off the grid. This will help to enhance your self worth and increase your quality of life. Resetting your mindset resets your entire existence. Love Cerise Fairfax

Be Clever

 Many people give up too easily. They think if something is difficult to achieve, it's better to forget about it. However, that's a grave misconception in most cases. Often, it's the best experiences in life that may give a challenge at first. If you're a CLEVER person, then rest assured that you are a problem solver. Instead of giving up, use your determination to battle the challenge, and you will WIN! Have an amazing Saturday. Love Cerise. #selfcare #selfimprovement #determination

Compare Yourself To You

 Most times social media is a collection of carefully selected photos and videos. Often the people in those photos and videos are not happy inside.  Instead of comparing yourself to those chosen photos and videos compare yourself to the best you that you want to be.  You shouldn't question your worth. You should question your current position in life and if it's bad or chaotic then make the steps necessary to find harmony. Actively seek environments that can help you grow. Change your social circle, meditate, journal and respect the pursuit of virtue.  LOVE Cerise Fairfax  Your comfort is key #selfcare #selflovematters #soulcoach  #virtuecoach

Problems Turned Positive

 Look at problems as chances to learn. Through being a problem solver every problem will move you forward and enhance your knowledge. This will eventually increase your value.  So, embark upon every day with this mindset and every perceived setback will be a setup for positive growth. Love Cerise

Pay Heed



Monday Message  Holy Spirit, on this day bless each and every person with the will to fall in love with who they are. Give them power to forgive those who have hurt them, and last but certainly not least, shower them with the discernment needed to walk a path of righteousness. Love Cerise.

Love Outweighs Evil


The Accuser Will Fall

 God never gives up on you. Even when you've lost yourself, experienced trauma that has changed you, have been shunned by your family and friends, God is with you. You might have made bad choices, didn't do what you were supposed to do, or perhaps did too much. Stop allowing the internal or external accuser to keep you down and allow God to lift you up! Now is your time to rise. Say it with me, AMEN Love Cerise Fairfax

Your Lose Will Be Your Gain


Release Your Blessings

  Do something kind today. When you give from your resources, time, or love you create a positive energy within the universe that will release your blessings, too.  God honors sacrifice. Paying it forward pays you too.  -Love Cerise Fairfax #GodIsGreat #youareblessed

God Is 10 Steps Ahead

 Monday Message  God is 10 steps ahead of you straightening out your path. Even if you feel lost weak and without faith, never fear because you are still in line for your blessings. And they will be showered upon you in a way that you will be abundantly satisfied. Say to yourself, and say it out loud, "My time for happiness and peace is upon me. I am blessed most miraculously." When you own that, you become that. -Cerise #goddaytoyou  #godlovesyouunconditionally #godsloveisreal. #inspiration #lifehack #livingood #takecontrol #havefaith #godisgreat #love 

It is Yours


Claim It Today

 You are about to encounter a fresh start. Where fear will not affect your life. Monotony of the everyday will no longer get you down. Pain from feeling lonely or lost relationships will not hold you, your mindset or your emotions back. This brand new start will renew your mindset, freshen your soul, and get you started on a fabulous new path. Claim it todayYou are about to encounter a fresh start. Where fear will not affect your life. Monotony of the everyday will no longer get you down. Pain from feeling lonely or lost relationships will not hold you, your mindset or your emotions back. This brand-new start will renew your mindset, freshen your soul, and get you started on a fabulous new path. Claim it today

Swift Kick

  We all get hard on ourselves at some point in life.  Sometimes a swift self-kick in the butt to do better is ok while at other times it's a tiresome battle beating up on yourself.  Sure, kick your butt and get moving but don't beat yourself down into the ground. We are all filled with fault and fabulousness and we use each one interchangeably. Today may be a day filled with fault finding and fault doing, and tomorrow filled with fabulous findings... Take the good with the bad and make the best if it. #GODmorningMonday

You Are No Less

 Show me a person without a relationship to the Creator.  They are not evil.  They are not mean.  In fact just because someone has a bond with God it doesn't make them better or perfect.   We are all God"s creations and our beliefs don't make us more or less in the eyes of the Creator.   Our beliefs help us to appreciate the tough road we just crossed and have faith that we'll cross the next tough road ahead.   Believing in God is like sitting on a chair with a cushion.  It makes things feel more comfortable.  If you don't believe in God you will still have life and quite possibly enjoy it but it will be like eating a delicious meal without the ability to enjoy the true taste.   God adds flavour and spice. God is the essence of everything. Just because you choose not to draw near to God it doesn't make you less of a person.   Moreover, without a friendship with God,  you may still appreciate the moon and it's 28 perfect day cycle,  nature and it's seaso

I Woke Up

  I woke up, I have food, I have a great dog, I have a comfortable home, I live around good people. My bills are paid and I'm able to celebrate my life. I have wonderful people in my life. I have my five senses and the sixth sense of good intuition. I laugh at myself because I accept that I'm not perfect but do my best to improve myself daily. I enjoy my business and have awesome clients. My relationship with God is the most important connection I have. I want to take this moment on this day to say I am at peace with who I am and will continue to morph more into the person I will become before my time has come to pass in this lifetime.  MONDAY MESSAGE?  BE CONTENT, BE THANKFUL, BE YOU.

When You Pray

  When you pray, do it with the faith that your prayer is answered as soon as you ask. Don't wait for the blessing, then express gratitude. Be thankful upon prayer. You don't knock on a door thinking nobody will answer. You knock with the faith that it will be opened. Being thankful in the present shows you have faith that once you knock for opportunity, the door will be opened to present a world of opportunities you never expected. Love Cerise Fairfax

When Bad Gets Worse

 Today's message. What you tolerate is what you validate.  Sometimes in life we're afraid to speak up. Sometimes it's shyness, often it's because we don't want to stir up strife, but one of the biggest reasons is because it's easier to ignore it. Don't ignore something that needs to be addressed. Bad only has a chance to get worse when good turns a blind eye for even just one second. Stand up for what's  good, don't fall down protecting the bad.   Love Cerise.

Destruction, Dissatisfaction and Discomfort

 Love is the force behind creation,  satisfaction and  comfort. Hate is the force behind destruction,  dissatisfaction and discomfort.  I choose love!  Why? Because creation is growth,  comfort is contentment,  and satisfaction is achievement. To grow and to be content with what you have achieved is not only self-love,  but love in it's fullest embodiment.  May God bless you right now at this very moment with the inspiration to create,  the wisdom to appreciate what you create,  and peace to be comforted by it  Love Ceruse.

Aim High

 You are the arrow. Your goal is your aim. To get where you want, aim high and don't allow distraction to deter you. Stay focused. You're worth all that you want.

A New Leaf

 While we enter the last stretch of 2023 let's keep focused on life goals, self-care, and service to others.  As long as you are striving to get farther than you were last year while taking better care of yourself, and helping others, you are moving ahead. Even if you are on the last part of this life's journey, sick and shut-in, with no friends or family, and life is closing in on you, you are still reading this and that means you still have time to think beautifully and encourage others. Let's complete this year and turn a new leaf with the new season. Let the old go and prepare for the new year. Love you, Cerise.

Walk Away

There will come those days when your emotions and mindset will be tested and tormented, possibly by people online whom you don't know or by the people you love most. When you encounter those moments you must draw upon the shield of wisdom and remember to stand up for righteousness. Don't lose yourself so far into an unimportant argument if you are merely arguing with fools. especially don't get lost In the Heat of the Moment if you're home, health and honor are not being compromised.  Love Cerise Fairfax


  Today's message The only way you can change life is if you change yourself.  Taking Things personally? Change that by not being overly sensitive to rude, inconsiderate or ignorant people. It's best to recognize the situation as volatile and don't allow your emotions to explode in the process.  Giving too much and receiving very little in return? Change that by giving with no intention to receive. Universe will reward you for your kindness when you need it or least expect it.  Finding the wrong partners and always ending up in toxic relationships? Change that by paying attention to the negative signs. Many of us meet the wrong person. However, it's when we allow deep emotions to grow with that person, even when we are aware of the red flags, that we allow the unhealthy roots to grow. Do not attach your energy to them. Cut the connection quickly and keep it clean. Don't allow emotions to get things murky and confusing. There may be things you like about them, and th

Visualize Your Future

 Today's message  Don't beg God over and over. Place your prayer with confidence and wait. Envision your life with the prayer answered and the visualization will come true. Remember; Prayers are often answered when we least expect it and in the least expected way. Love Cerise Fairfax

Brain Love

 For you! Our mental conversations attract the course of our lives. What we think about, how we think about our past, and how we think about our future is powerful. But it's how we speak to ourselves that brings the thinking into reality. Our imagination is a tool to build us but many people through unhealthy self-talk use it to break themselves down. The imagination is a machine that spits out what you feed it. If you think everyone is laughing at you, you will feel everything laughing at you. If you think your partner is cheating on you, you will feel vulnerable, and to some degree, even shameful that you're in a relationship of insecurity.  As a Mindset/Soul Coach, I encourage my clients to increase mental control so they can embrace healthy emotional thoughts. It's your thoughts that lead you, that show on your face, in your actions, and also pave your future. Speak good and positive thoughts to yourself. When painful memories intrude on your positive thought pattern, d

They Are Not Your Person

 Relationship 101 You know they're not good for you but because you've had good times together and you are seemingly compatible you choose to make groundbreaking attempts to alter the impossible and make it possible to be together.  You have FAITH that the person could somehow miraculously be the one. So you ignore better judgment and push past the red flags to commit to each other.  At first, it feels awesome. Then within a short period, although you start to see their unlikable traits surface and it turns you off, you turn a blind eye. The more they turn you off the less you can push their actions aside and so you say something with the hopes they will understand and change. They do understand and they agree to change. You see signs of change. You are thrilled and once again you believe this impossible union can break the chains of doubt. Time passes. Once again they cross a line that most would agree is questionable. You talk to them about it. They see your point and thank y

The Plan vs The Process

 What you want is there for you whenever you want it. You must be disciplined and patient.  Most people think that with a plan and positive thinking the blessing will unfold automatically. And although planning and positivity are part of the process,  they are more the start of the journey.  The process is; a plan, belief in the plan, mini goals for that plan, discipline to comply with the goals, flexibility to alter the plan when some of the goals don't fit, and of course patience.  I know,  believe me, I know what it's like when you make a plan, put your heart into it, and work diligently on it only to have it grow slowly or halt altogether. It's even more disheartening when you had some great upside success and then with no rhyme or reason the downside begins.   That too is sometimes part of the plan that you didn't prepare for but you are strong enough for.  So don't give up.  You had what it took to create it and you have what it takes to continue it.  In some

Fall Into A Pit

 Today's Message  You may have someone plotting and planning against you. Speaking badly about you, or even creating lies attempting to tarnish your good name.  A court case, a job issue, a housing dispute, a relationship concern, backbiting friends, and the list goes on. This concern could cause you to feel anxiety and may even create tension in your life.  When you feel you're at your lowest, and you fear the enemy will win, remember this Bible quote;  "A foolish man will dig a pit for someone to fall into, but trip and mistakenly fall into the pit themselves."  That means any person who is trying to set you up to fall will fail. The power they think they have is only power enough to harm themselves... Do not fret, do not fear, do not allow your mind's imagination to get wild in thought.  If it was your last day of life, would you allow that person to affect you? Probably not. So live the rest of your days doing the same.   Love Cerise. 

To live is to learn

 Today's Message Although perfection sounds good in theory, in practice it doesn't make sense. We will never be beings that can ever attain perfection. As long as we are living we are learning and as long as we are learning we are changing. If something is perfect it never changes because it wouldn't have to if it's perfect. So be easy on yourself, and be easy on others. Allow change and transformation to happen and don't stop the process of becoming better because you're too stubborn to accept you'll never be perfect.  Love Cerise

Three Men Story

Imagine this, three men were building their homes. Man one had all his supplies and a professional crew to help him build. Man two, and Man three had limited supplies and no crew. One day Man One had his house half built. Man three could see the house was going to be huge. Man, two didn't notice because he was working so hard on his house that nothing could take his focus from it.  Man Three was watching Man One build his house one day and he saw the granite counter and tiles that Man One had imported. He looked at his own and felt his counter and tiles were no longer as nice.  Man Three said to Man Two "I'm selling my tiles if you want to buy them, I'll give you a discount." Man Two was ecstatic and said "Yes! " because he was working day and night he was running out of tiles for his second room.  The day came when Man One was putting the roof on his huge house.  Man, Three ran to get Man Two to watch with him. "Man Two,  come watch this show-off, 

Lockdown Is done so is the hate

 IMPORTANT The world as we knew it locked down and not only did it shut us out from normal living during that time, it also, in some people's lives, shut them out from the family and friends they so dearly loved.  When the world changed over those confusing couple of years, so did a lot of relationships. Family and friends who were once very close became separated and singled out. They argued and some even fought over who was right.  At this point, now that the world is healing, and back up and running, perhaps it's about time for us humans to do the same. I encourage you to reach out and contact the person who persecuted you, or you persecuted. If you were anti or for it, it doesn't matter now. Making peace is possible and for some of us, it's essential.  The division of the world was not our doing, nevertheless, we indulged in the pain and calamity as if it was the last days on earth. And although some of us felt it was their last day, was it right to fight even if it

Being A Better You

 Trying to become a better person? You must do the following every day. Even these three iconic figures had to live each day keeping in mind the importance of Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness, and Self-Control.  Living without the focus on every one of these actions, Jesus, Dalai Lama and Mother Teresa would not be the respected figures they are.  When you make these nine words part of your character traits, you won't have to try to become better, you automatically will be better.  It sounds easy, right? Not really, it is difficult because reactive emotions can override any of them during any situation.  This is why the key is to keep them tattooed on your mind at all times. Before reacting think first about which of these nine fruits of the spirit can be used during each situation.  This is TODAY'S MESSAGE

Took his life but not his advice

They say he took his life before his advice, yet his advice was golden, so why did he not take it? Well, the truth is, maybe his advice was for you and not him. His name is Anthony Bourdain. His advice was "Eat at a local restaurant tonight. Get the cream sauce. Have a cold pint at 4 o’clock in a mostly empty bar. Go somewhere you’ve never been. Listen to someone you think may have nothing in common with you. Order the steak rare. Eat an oyster. Have a Negroni. Have two. Be open to a world where you may not understand or agree with the person next to you, but have a drink with them anyways. Eat slowly. Tip your server. Check-in on your friends. Check-in on yourself. Enjoy the ride." So, Today I will eat at a local restaurant, at a mostly empty place. I will order a meal I haven't tried before. I will eat slowly as I edit my book. I will then message someone I haven't spoken to in a while. I will remind myself that I am ok with who I am, and enjoy the ride. TODAY'S

The Energy Of A House

 THE ENERGY OF A HOUSE A messy messy house is not a happy place to live, it has negative energy and people who live there will be affected. Disorder gets in the way and stagnates, making it very difficult to continue on our ways. The stress of searching for stuff causes anxiety, depression and confusion, hence the importance of throwing away or donating what we no longer need to give the house a new look. Your home is a reflection of your life, and that implies everything: physical, spiritual, emotional, labor, social and family. Always remember that there is a place for everything and everything should be in its place, this helps to be in harmony and results in a better flow of energy. You must clean house and get rid of or reform everything that does not make us feel good, to make room for the new. We shouldn't accumulate things, but rather remove from home everything that doesn't contribute, that doesn't work or that you don't like anymore. By getting rid of things t

Step Outside Of Yourself

Finding a purpose outside of oneself is key to personal growth and fulfillment. It involves shifting focus from individual desires and ambitions towards making a positive impact on others and the world. By seeking a purpose beyond oneself, we tap into a deeper sense of meaning and contribute to a greater good. This can be achieved through acts of kindness, volunteering, or engaging in activities that benefit others. By focusing on the needs and well-being of others, we cultivate empathy, compassion, and gratitude. Connecting with a purpose larger than ourselves not only brings joy and fulfillment but also strengthens our relationships, deepens our understanding of the world, and helps create a more compassionate and harmonious society.


 Fascinating! Are you familiar with the word #hieroglyphic? If you're not, it is what the ancient drawings are called on the pyramid walls in Egypt.  WELL GUESS WHAT? Similar drawings were also found right here in the West, in The United States of America, in the Grand Canyon. Just let that sink in. Our very own ancient ruins on the North American Continent. This information is undeniable proof that global warming is a natural occurrence on this planet.  Christopher Columbus is a story filled with untruths and intentional deceit. Your ancestors could have been aboriginal, and you just don't know it, because your history was kept from you. The American government has known about the Grand Canyon's findings for many years, but they chose to hide ruins to deceive the masses and pretend the history they told us was factual. Why? Was it pride? Was it power? We now know the nature of Earth is to go through stages of drought and floods. The Grand Canyon was once a booming port tow

It Works Automatically

Law of attraction. It works automatically, once you connect to it! 

Law of Action

 The law of attraction works when we put put the 11 other laws into effect. This is the law of action. To get something we must act in accordance with the law to gain what we want.  Love Cerise.

Adult Bullying

 Soo this happened last night and has prompted Today's Message. Ok, so, I created a group on Facebook. It's a fun and interactive travel group, based on the Dominican Republic, but we share all things "life". When new members join, they are prompted to introduce themselves. It's not a requirement, just a suggestion, and in fact only a wee percentage of new members actually introduce themselves. Last night a new member introduced himself. He posted a picture of himself on the beach and said "hello, I'm new here" type of message. Another member responded, and in her comment she said "And so?" The new member replied to the woman with "Well, nice to meet you too." When I saw the woman's sarcastic/rude comment I deleted it, and suspended the woman for 24hrs. I am not the type that enjoys censorship, at all!!! It doesn't bring me pleasure to reprimand anyone. Nevertheless, it was to set a group standard. I aim to have a s

Your Every Thought

  Every thought and every feeling has a vibration. It goes out to the universe, and it brings you back what your thought and your feeling is. Be careful what you think and feel, you don't want to attract what you are feeling and what you are thinking, if it's negative. So try your hardest to focus on positivity. Attract the positive things in life. Not only will you attract favorable times in your life, you will also attract great people that will last for a lifetime. You are worthy of so much more, so put out to the universe you're worth, and what you want, what you desire, and you shall receive it.

Aggressive People

 Today's Message There's a man who rents an apartment in the area that I live in. He doesn't live in the Dominican Republic, but his girlfriend stays in his apartment from time to time, and so does his friends when they're in town.  His friends are nice, well mannered, and always pleasant. Him, on the other hand, he's aggressive in his tone of speech and speaks to people like they are beneath him.  He has what is termed "masked anger." Rarely smiles and is always ready for a confrontation. When something happens that he doesn't like, he sounds like he's on the verge of losing it.  He was mad one day at a dude, and he said to me, "That guy doesn't want to mess with me. I'm the wrong person to mess with.". I immediately believed him. I could sense that he acts, then he thinks. Only a fool does that. A wise man thinks before he acts/reacts. So he has prompted Today's Message; In life we'll experience circumstances that will a

Get Up, Dress Up!

Today's message No matter how you feel, get up, dress up and show up. When you make the effort, even when you don't want to, it usually pays off! You may meet someone that will give you insight on something you require, or even on something you didn't realize you needed in your life. It also seems as though the most surprising things happen that will bring amazing benefits. Don't get me wrong, there will be times when you get up and get out, and nothing great happens. When you get back home you may even feel regret for going out! Nevertheless, it still says a lot about your efforts and you will be rewarded with good karma for committing to your word. Love Cerise 💘

Yield First

 Today's message  Ask yourself if what negative words you're speaking about someone else is worth the karma of it happening to you, too.  You see, what we say about others always has a ricochet effect. What goes around comes back around.  So, if you're unnecessarily trashing someone just to have a conversation, even though it might seem meaningless to you, it is meaningful to the vibrations around you.  The vibrations of your words are alive. Everything has its own source of energy, even words. In fact, it's the most negative words that can do the deepest damage and not only for the ones you're attempting to defame, but also to you, too.   YIELD before involving yourself in a life altering conversation that has no positive value to your future.  Love Cerise 

Let Me Think About This

Soul soothing advice: Don't be afraid to think before saying yes! Don't feel stressed to appease. One of the most noticeable characteristics of emotionally secure people is that they articulate themselves well. They choose their responses carefully and aren’t impulsive in their reactions. GET USED TO SAYING THIS👇 "Let me think about that. I'm just not too certain at this moment." “I don’t have an answer right now. Can we revisit this conversation after I've given it some thought?” #selfcare #selflovematters

Loud Neighbours

 A loud neighbour in the morning is a vexation to the spirit. Simply put; A neighbour who yells early upon waking, plays loud music or even says good morning loudly actually shakes the spirit of people who are still stirring, waking up, or just relaxing with a coffee/tea/news. Loud noises can anger some people. At 7am when I walk Noche and Nacho for their morning pee. People on their way to work say hi by nodding their head, waving or by a whisper type "buenas". IT'S RESPECT.

How to cherish the one you love.

Sometimes we dont realize how much arguing and fighting can destroy a loving relationship. We get into the relationship through love, companionship and laughter. It draws us close and encourages us to feel free to express, love and share our heart.  Nevertheless, when we start controlling and demanding, because we want things our way it does the opposite. The person who is demanding may get what they want at first, but not forever. Just like a dripping faucet they begin to annoy their lover and just like a dripping faucet quite is replaced, the same thing often happens with the argumentative lover. Eventually they too get replaced.  Prevent this from happening by complaining less and being more patient.  For a Soul Coaching or relationship counseling session, please contact Cerise directly at  Have a fabulous day.  

Have You Noticed???

 Have you been noticing this? People saying things to you that are unnecessary, or you getting overly sensitive about a situation that you'd never usually blast someone for? If yes, then consider this! The moon is in waning Cresent phase. This, simply put; it's a time to look inwards and re-evaluate your goals, moods and intentions. It's a time to feel grateful for what has been this month and re-adjust your intentions moving forward. It's a time that when your energy is not grounded and not focused on the goals you have in life, then you become vulnerable to the unpredictable emotions and negative feelings of others and yourself.  Turn a bad day around by apologizing or by forgiving. This too shall pass. Let go and let God and refocus your energy on you and personal growth.  Love Cerise

From an ugly duckling a Swan appeared

People truly love drama! My gosh! A woman on tik tok contacted me for advice. She did a soul coaching session with me. We spoke about her past pain which was caused from a grade school teacher. The teacher was mean to her in grades 4-6 during physical education class. This teacher constantly pointed out my client's obesity, and even teased her on some days in front of the students. Once the teacher said "Please class, be careful eating the pizza lunch today. I'm afraid you'll all catch the fat disease like you know who!" More often than not my client went home crying. She never told her parents. She suffered in silence. She had no friends. She walked super slow to school in the mornings and after lunch, so she'd arrive right when the bell was ringing, because she was always teased in the school yard.  After grade 6 her family moved to a different area, and her life changed for the best. She found friends, had supportive teachers and even lost her weight that

The Tongue holds Life Or Death

 Today's Message  It's so important to stay quiet in some situations. In other situations think 5 seconds before speaking, and even then choose your words and battles wisely. Silence is not sign of meekness, it is a sign of strength.  To be able to hold one's tongue, and not use it against yourself is a powerful personality trait.  Similarly, the masseter is the strongest muscle in the body that is responsible for lifting up the jaw, it should be used for ones protection and not for aggression. When opening your jaw to speak remember what power it holds within... the tongue. The tongue can slice another person's heart and damage their brain with a few simple words, or it can soothe and reassure. Use your tongue today to heal and not hurt.