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Can A Soul Coach Help To Transform You?

Cerise has been a Soul Coach for 16 years sharing her insight and spiritual guidance with clients from various walks of life who are seeking spiritual balance and emotional comfort. Click this link for her bio: Cerise is a Soul Coach, Author, Speaker, Visionary, Vlogger and Influencer. From Newspapers to Radio to TV and the internet Cerise loves sharing her insight, spirituality, travels, food dishes and life experiences. Cerise has been a Soul Coach, also referred to as a Life Coach, for close to two decades. Cerise has experienced many walks of life, with many inspiring experiences and with many interesting people. These experiences have given Cerise tools to navigate life and to build inner peace and personal success. She will guide you along your personal journey as you use the tools these tools too! These tools have helped many clients to build a life of inspiration, spirituality and personal success. Contact (829) 702- 7726 or https://www.c
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Help My Sex Life

Woman: Hi Cerise, I need your help. I'm married but my husband is boring and we are not compatible in bed. Me: Have you spoken to your husband about it? Woman: Yes. I told him he's boring. He's not spontaneous and boring in bed.  Me: Let's break that down a bit. The onus is not only on your husband to make the bedroom fire hot, but we'll get to that. What makes him boring, in general? Woman: He's a workaholic. He works 14 hours a day, 70 hours a week, and on weekends he only wants to rest.  He loves his job and does more for his boss than he does for me!  We never go out on dates. On the rare occasion when he takes me to do something it's family related. We go to his parents place and sit around with his family for hours. It's boring! Me: I can see where you're coming from. You want more excitement in your relationship.  Woman: Yes! Is that too much to ask for? Me: Not always, but in some relationships it is. Especially with a hard working man. A man

Rich Men vs Broken

 Her: Cerise, I want a rich man. Is that too much to ask? Me: Not at all. I know many. Her:  Well introduce me to one, pleasssse. Me: Sure. I'll connect you with him later. Her: Wait, first tell me his yearly wage. Me: I don't know that. Her: Well how do you know he's rich?  Me: Because we speak often. We've been friends for years.  Her: And he's told you he's rich? Me: Not in so many words.  Her: So how do you know he's got money? Me:  I didn't say he has money. I said he's rich. Her: I'm confused! Me:  Apparently you are. Rich is not money. Wealth is money. Rich means quality. He is rich in character, love and spirituality.  Her: Oh well forget that! I want a wealthy man!  Me:  How much do you make yearly?  Her:  I'm on unemployment at the moment. It runs out in October.  Me: Okay well when you get a job I'll introduce you to a man with a job. The wealthy men I know want a woman to mirror them, not lean or rely on them.  Her:  But I rea

Contentious Woman

  When you have a man who asks for nothing but love and gives you all his love and more.... don't pick petty fights. A good man will ask for nothing and give everything,  but also knows his worth, and if you bicker, fuss, and fight he might decide to eat a morsel of food alone, than sit and feast with a contentious woman.  -Love Cerise

Single & Seeking

 Today's message  Loneliness is a state of mind.  If you're single and seeking love it can be frustrating when that special person is no where to be found. Trust me, I know.  As a single woman, I too at times pray for a loving arms to hold me at night, talk with over breakfast, share my thoughts, projects, accomplishments and concerns with. Nevertheless, being single doesn't equal Loneliness. As a matter of fact I know many couples that feel lonely within their relationship. They feel unfulfilled, unhappy and ignored.  This is why it is important, no matter if you are single or spoken for, to find meaning within yourself. Dive deep into the depths of within, and find what makes you tick. Perhaps it's a course online, a general interest class, maybe even coffee, tea or wine tasting, a book club or simply a quiet stroll. It doesn't matter what awakens your soul. What matters is that you feel satisfied and overjoyed doing it, and even afterwards just thinking about it.

Let Life Lead

Today's message Life has its way of altering plans, and sometimes those unexpected changes can be quite exhausting. Sometimes even painful. One thing I do when things don't go the way I want them to is adjust. I adjust my mindset by accepting what I cannot control. I may not like the diverted route life popped on me, but I accept it. I go with the flow. I do my best not to complain and I certainly don't contact everyone in my phone book describing the situation that turned me around. I remain thankful for health and reset my thinking, not by hating on the change, but by looking forward to the future. When life starts altering plans it is always for a more masterful reason than we know. So be grateful that life has chosen you to change. Love Cerise

Become Successful Faster

 Today's message You've been working away, plugged into your goals and yet you're not seeing the progress you desire or feel you deserve? Now is the time to manifest mentally. You see, there is a time to work physically on your goal, but you must combine the physical work with mental work too. Mental work includes: meditation, faith, positive self talk, good character and of course patience. Love Cerise Fairfax #selfcare #lifestyle #lifecoach #goals

Living Good Dec 14th 2022

 Today is LIVING GOOD! Please watch my talk show live right here on Facebook from anywhere around the world.  Today my guests will Be Debra Debra and Kim. These wonderful ladies are expats and representatives of the charity for Dominican Families called DOMINICAN AIDE.  We will be discussing their lives here and also the fantastic event coming up for Christmas!  click this link to tune in Live 7pm Atlantic time.  You can also catch the taped version anytime by clicking this link.

Break downs are for build ups

 Today's message We are not robots. There does come a time when we will break down, but that is the precise time to build back up!  Start like this- *Write your feelings out, or speak to someone who will listen and encourage you. Stay away from sharing your pain with someone who doesn't listen, is negative or speaks over you while you're talking, just to talk about their own circumstances.  *Take a bath or warm shower.  *Cream your skin with nourishing cream. *Spray your home with disinfectant (cleanliness brings comfort) or a nice smell that brings good vibes.  *Turn on some tunes  *Tackle the day one chore at a time or simply chill.  Love Cerise

Parents who don't say I Love You

   Today's message Some people were never told they were loved from their parents, but it didn't mean their parents didn't love them. I grew up with my parents saying it everyday. I took it for granted until one day when my close friend in high school said "Cerise, your mom tells you she loves you everyday and I've never heard my mom ever say it at all." I was surprised. I said "Never?"  She said "Well she writes it in cards for my birthday. "  I said "And she does so much for you. She loves you. I know it." She said "Yeah I know my mom looks out for me. Does whatever she can do to make me happy, but those words I LOVE YOU is important to hear." I expresed my sorrow that she's never heard those words from her mother.  It affected me deeply. So much that I thought about it for many years. Then one day in adulthood it hit me, maybe her mother was never told those words. Maybe it was hard for her mother to say the words

Soeak Your Frustration

 Today's message  Expressing disappointment and frustration all the time is showing everyone a mirror of your life.  Expressing disappointment and frustration in moderation demonstrates your balanced life.  It's ok to express the negative feelings you have experienced from a situation. Challenges happen to everyone, and sharing those circumstances verbally sometimes can make you feel better. It's when those negative experiences keep happening that one should take a deeper look within. It could be that those feelings are not caused by an outside influence, but is a result of what's happening inside.  Love Cerise

True To You

 Today's message: When you are real to yourself, you won't want to chill with people who aren't true. Your spirit won't allow you to sit in the company of foul talkers in the midst of negative individuals or groups.  Even more, when you are around ill minded people, your energy won't vibrate in the balanced way it usually does like when you're alone or with genuine souls.  'Love Cerise 

Block Them For Your Sanity




Crappy day? Do this

 Crappie day? Do This for 15 seconds. The more you do this the faster it works.

Strong Ones Need Support Too

 Today's message: We never know what someone's holding in and dealing with alone. It's especially the strong ones who smile every day and support others in their struggles that hide their most inner struggles.  Sometimes it's the strong ones that don't even understand what pressure is until they break under it.  Often we look out for the ones crying out, who seem to be weak, or are in need and that is kind, but don't forget to check on your strong family and friends too. For they too are living this human experience, and they too are going through trials and tribulations.  Just because they're strong, doesn't mean they can easily carry everything thrown their way .  Check on your strong people today. They may shrug you off and say "I'm good!" Because they may not be accustomed to expressing their struggles. Nevertheless, it will still mean a lot to them to know someone cares.  Love Cerise

Horoscopes Sept 26th to October 3rd

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The Human Experience


Get your blessings


Horoscopes 2nd Week Od September

 Horoscopes for the 2nd week of September #horoscopes #astrology #ZodiacSigns

Please Read. You may need this

  Desiderata: Original Text This is the original text from the book where Desiderata was first published. Go placidly  amid the noise and the haste, and remember what peace there may be in silence. As far as possible, without surrender, be on good terms with all persons. Speak your truth quietly and clearly; and listen to others, even to the dull and the ignorant; they too have their story. Avoid loud and aggressive persons; they are vexatious to the spirit. If you compare yourself with others, you may become vain or bitter, for always there will be greater and lesser persons than yourself. Enjoy your achievements as well as your plans. Keep interested in your own career, however humble; it is a real possession in the changing fortunes of time. Exercise caution in your business affairs, for the world is full of trickery. But let this not blind you to what virtue there is; many persons strive for high ideals, and everywhere life is full of heroism. Be yourself. Especially do not feign a

Time To Win


Karma Is Fierce


Small Voice Within

 It is when we listen to the small voice within that we get the guidance we need that will direct us to change our life from blah to bombastic.  In this video you will learn how to that. 

Horoscopes 4th week of August


It's Never Too Late

Horoscopes 3rd Week Of August


You Are Not A Failure


Let Go & Let God


Understand Women More

Understanding a woman can sometimes be difficult for a man that just wants to love and be loved. In this video I offer advice to men that date difficult women.   

Sex Talk 101


Erectile Dysfunction Solutions

5 Tips! A man in the pharmacy and I got talking about his ED and the conversation was certainly interesting. Please check out my YouTube channel daily. There's something for everyone. MONDAY: Random Videos (Dominican Republic information 🇩🇴) TUESDAY: Real Estate and Relocation WEDNESDAY: Relationship Reaction videos (romance, friends and family) THURSDAY: Footage from my talk show LIVING GOOD FRIDAY: Fitness, Mental and spiritual health SATURDAY : Storytime SUNDAY: I film live from the Sosua beach or the streets of Sosua Care to send a contribution to my channel?PAYPAL me here 👇 thank you. ➡️ Care to send a small gift 🎁 ➡️ Cerise Fairfax EPS-D (45911) 8260, NW 14th Street miami, Florida 33191-1501 United States Connect with me on Instagram: REAL. CERISE.FAIRFAX For mindset and Soul Coaching lifestyle advice and consulting. LATIN LIVING

Don't Treat Love Like This

 When you love someone you show them by the way you speak to them, honour them and comfort them. 

When A Man Has Had Enough

 Are you afraid to trust? Many people are. In fact many people ruin their relationship because they are suspicious of their partner even though they have no reason to be.  This woman tore her life apart all because she had no faith in her man. 

Fear or Faith... You Choose

  During challenges many people tend to embrace fear automatically, and without first taking into consideration that they have a healthier option to choose. The other option is to embrace faith. When you take on fear it is hazardous. Fear can stifle the progress within the challenge and at times change what could have been a positive outcome into a negative outcome. Faith, on the other hand, is what helps to make a better outcome with a more favorable experience overall. Although embracing faith can be scary, once you have accepted to take it on, it offers a still within your soul that indicates to you that everything will be alright... no matter what. In life there will always be those troublesome times that will try your patience and test your bravery, but it's during those times that you need to draw upon faith; the strong intuition within that says “let nature unfold as it should”. Clearly, in times of turmoil it may be next to impossible to just sit back, take what

Mindset Coach

  Re-seting your mind and the way you think is sometimes the only thing left to restore your sanity and start being the person you want to be. I have clients from all around the world seeking a better lifestyle, but they don't know where to start or how to gain the fortitude to rejuvenate and live the way they know they were meant to live and eventually create the future they desire to have. That is where I come in at. whether it is helping you to create healthy habits, gaining control of negative thoughts or simply learning how to let things go, having a mindset soul coach to guide you along your journey can help you immensely. I am here to help you enjoy your life. Give me a shout via email or Whatsapp. My name is Cerise Fairfax and I'm interested in your life Reset, Rejuvenate, Restore yourself and your life. Contact Cerise directly  (829) 702-7726 or Email #soul #love #mindset #mindfulness #lifestyle #lifecoach

It's In The Past

#oneness #growthmindset #positivevibes #wisdom #positiveattitude #selfemprovement #minset #selflove #mindsetcoaching #lovingminset #forgiveness #peace #understanding #kindness #gentleness #faith #love #happiness #selfcontrol  

Take it Easy

  Don't make big deals out of fixable matters. Sometimes it's not the people around you or the things that upset you that are bad. Sometimes it's your reaction to the disappointment that makes things worse for you . . . . . #love #loving #lovers #fallinginlove #feelings #breakup #love quotes #connections #emotions #relationshipgoals #relationshipadvice #younglove newlove #newrelationships #rekindledlove #marriage #romantic #romance #lovequote #affection #couples #friendship #romanticquotes #soulmate #lostlove #heartbreak #unconditionallove

Boundaries... Know Yours

  Quit now or get ready to put your ducks up! . . . . . #oneness #growthmindset #positivevibes #wisdom #positiveattitude #selfemprovement #minset #selflove #mindsetcoaching #lovingminset #forgiveness #peace #understanding #kindness #gentleness #faith #love #happiness #selfcontrol

Their Day Will Come

Keep quiet. Even when they mock you, accuse you, or simply bombard you with pain and fury. They just don't see the road ahead. They don't see that can't keep up with you. They especially didn't see your struggle and how God has cleared it and continues to remove the obstacles in your your path. They are too busy watching you climb that they don't see themselves slipping.  Keep doing you. You're rising and your success will be monumental!  . . . . . #oneness #growthmindset #positivevibes #wisdom #positiveattitude #selfemprovement #minset #selflove #mindsetcoaching #lovingminset #forgiveness #peace #understanding #kindness #gentleness #faith #love #happiness #selfcontrol    

Gossip Is Evil

Stop gossiping, otherwise the talkers will gossip about you too, and the karma won't feel good.  If you experienced the pain of being talked about, don't worry, the flames of the pain will not burn you. You will fly from the fire like a phoenix while the gossipers watch you soar. Remember, you are a sweet child of the almighty Creator and you are loved. . . . . #oneness #growthmindset #positivevibes #wisdom #positiveattitude #selfemprovement #minset #selflove #mindsetcoaching #lovingminset #forgiveness #peace #understanding #kindness #gentleness #faith #love #happiness #selfcontrol  

Reflect First

  #oneness #growthmindset #positivevibes #wisdom #positiveattitude #selfemprovement #minset #selflove #mindsetcoaching #lovingminset #forgiveness #peace #understanding #kindness #gentleness #faith #love #happiness #selfcontrol

It's Your Life #livinggood


They're No Good

  #oneness #growthmindset #pos itivevibes #wisdom #positiveattitude #selfemprovement #minset #selflove #mindsetcoaching #lovingminset #forgiveness #peace #understanding #kindness #gentleness #faith #love #happiness #selfcontrol

You Are Blessed

  You are blessed. You may go through tough times of painful and trying experiences that are unpredictable, but within those challenges you will make it. You will break through to the other side and win. You will gain wisdom for your life, advice for others needing guidance and an abundance of personal growth. Remember, it's your inner strength, personal faith and a staunch stance in what you desire and require that will prepare you for life's battles and repair you for your future.