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 Fascinating! Are you familiar with the word #hieroglyphic? If you're not, it is what the ancient drawings are called on the pyramid walls in Egypt. 

WELL GUESS WHAT? Similar drawings were also found right here in the West, in The United States of America, in the Grand Canyon. Just let that sink in. Our very own ancient ruins on the North American Continent. This information is undeniable proof that global warming is a natural occurrence on this planet. 

Christopher Columbus is a story filled with untruths and intentional deceit. Your ancestors could have been aboriginal, and you just don't know it, because your history was kept from you.

The American government has known about the Grand Canyon's findings for many years, but they chose to hide ruins to deceive the masses and pretend the history they told us was factual. Why? Was it pride? Was it power?

We now know the nature of Earth is to go through stages of drought and floods. The Grand Canyon was once a booming port town, filled with water, commerce, and culture.

Just like we go through stages of growth, so does this planet also go through a massive yet gradual transformation. 

Although the process and duration of these transitions happen over thousands of years, it is still amazing to be part of the process and witness the Earth's changes in the midst of it all. 

For example, right now we are entering a drought in Europe, with Germany's record water level lows at this very moment. That part of Earth is preparing for a transition. It has happened before and will happen again. Mankind cannot stop it.

Moreover, with the old saying "HOW IT WAS IN THE BEGINNING SO SHALL IT BE IN THE END" The Sahara Desert in North Africa will eventually refill with water one day, growing lush green land running with the metaphorical saying "milk and honey". 

It's highly unlikely we will see the changes in our time, maybe not even in our grandchildren's children's time. Nevertheless, by the time you reincarnate (if you believe in the regeneration of your energy life force), you will live, once again, in the areas that are uninhabitable at this time.

Antarctica, after it's thawed, will unveil organisms that have been preserved for hundreds, if not thousands of years. Humans will assume these thawed organisms are new species, but in reality, they will be a regeneration of what once was.

I say all this to bring me to TODAY'S MESSAGE. 

Pay attention to the world and the Earth we walk on. It is ever-changing and intrinsically intelligent. Be in awe of its beauty by understanding its ebb and flow. Do not litter the grounds you walk on. Respect the grounds you walk on, for the Earth is alive. Buy a plant, nurture it, and watch it grow. Or replant seeds from your fruit and/or vegetables. Be thrilled by the magnificence of nature.

Understand that change is inevitable and necessary. Accept what you can not control but embrace what you can, and do your best to make a difference because then you too will make a difference in the world... In history.

Love Cerise Fairfax

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