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|| Soul Coach Master Classes ||

Many people desire to become a Soul Coach, and that is great, because their aim is to help. Their humanitarian need to help others is a touching quality in any human. Nevertheless, are they equipped to be a Soul Coach. Are they able to guide others out of pain, help them build goals, and make an overall transformation in their future?

There are many important steps to becoming a Soul Coach and making sure you are mentally conditioned and emotionally balanced to take on such a serious undertaking is just the beginning.

Not sure if you are ready? Do not worry, we will work on preparing you through the four step module masterclass.

||First Module||
Prune The Garden Of Your Personality
+ You will learn how to rid yourself of:
Self doubt, anger, resentment, bad actions and reactions, and over the top judgments.
+ You will increase:
Kindness, gratitude, self control, faith, inner goodness, compassion and understanding.
+This module is where you assess your character. You will look deep inside of you to try and pinpoint issues in your life that hold you back! 
Horrible feelings, painful memories. resentment, embarrassing moments you have held onto over the years, bullies from the past, bad actions you have not forgiven yourself for; this is the module to wash away the toxic waste and condition your soul.
Prune the garden of your personality, and plant new habits to ensure a more fruitful inner growth and outcome.

||Second Module||
Harnessing your skills
+In this module you will analyze and focus on two or three motivating factors as to why you would like to become a Soul Coach.
+You will breakdown each factor to help you better understand your skills of consulting on a deeper level. For example, you might want to be a Soul Coach, because you are already good at it. 
Your family and friends love your advice, and your co-workers appreciate your support too. They all know you are trustworthy and you would never guide them down the wrong path. 
If this is you, then yes you would make a great Soul Coach. This character trait that you nurtured over the years was not by accident. It developed during your painful experiences and enhanced during peaceful times so you could understand humanitarian concerns. 
It is certainly an amazing feeling to have such a thing called 'compassion'. Look at it like a gift from your spirit, your Creator. and once you harness the power within it, and honour the gift you have, you will certainly feel the essence of love all through you. 
You will ignite your soul and fine tune your spiritual gifts. That is when you will be ready to start healing hurt hearts, unbridled minds and sad souls of the people. Once you released your toxins, harness your spiritual gifts, you will be ready for Module three.

||Third Module||
Crack The Code
 +You never can tell what wonders you will do for others when you crack the code of your style of coaching, and offer your client the truest part of you. They will treasure your soul forever, because they will feel the realness you are dealing with. They will feel you are in tune with the true you and that is where the magic begins.
+To become a great coach is not hard, but to remain an awesome coach is where it gets tricky. Not every client is the same. They all have their own key they hold before they let you into their mind and heart. 
+Even though they are paying you, and investing in your service, they may still be slightly apprehensive to divulge the deep secrets of their soul. It is your job to comfort them. One smile, one comment, one gesture is all it takes to break or make the trust. 
This is why you must always be out of your own head. Let the ego go. Get into your clients head, be one with them. Feel their love, their fear, their plans, their excitement, get on their level to understand their concerns, goals, disappointments, and achievements. 
It is not hard. You just need to establish your vibe, your style of consulting. Doing so will also help your clients to feel safe and comfortable during the session too. 

||Fourth Module||
You will learn the Eff you Method
- Efficient listening, Forward thinking, Fast solution
+In this module you will learn how to get into the head and heart of your client. You will learn to genuinely care for them without crossing the boundary of professionalism, yet still offer their soul what it requires from the session. 
+Very often a Soul Coach at one point or another will develop overwhelming sorrow for some clients who have it really tough. In this module you will learn how to separate your sorrow for your client from your solution for your client. 
+You will learn how to draw upon your mental, emotional and physical resources to offer the client the best of you, but without surrendering the essence of your inner peace. 
+Once that is achieved, then you will be able to listen efficiently, ponder a solution and quickly give your client the resources or advice that can assist them during their time of concern. 
+You will keep in the back of your mind that they too have to walk their path in life. You will grasp the concept that you cannot live for them, but you can hold their hand as they walk along their road. . 
+Yes you will want to help as much as you, but you will also learn how to make the necessary cut after each session and move on with the day. You owe it to your other clients. 
How to effectively listen to their concerns, how to think past the negative and move mentally to a solution for your client, while offering the information in a sufficient amount of time.
This is the module where you will be more confident when speaking with potential customers and also during your own Soul Coaching Sessions with your clients.

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