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What type of person hires a Soul Coach?
People who are looking for an understanding ear to listen without judgment.
Doctors, lawyers, teachers, mothers, fathers, even leaders of the old and new world have often contacted a Spiritual advisor to offer suggestions on how to deal with trying circumstances while still maintaining a good character.

What is the difference between a Life Coach and a Soul Coach?
A Life Coach makes a life plan for their client lining out specific goals with steps to get there, with hopes to bring change to the person's career, relationship or for personal development. They guide the person's steps more or less, each step of the way. While a Soul Coach may choose to do the same, the main goal of the session(s) is to guide the client throughout their goals and help them deal with worry, concerns, emotional ups and downs, and tough decisions. Hence, a Soul Coach is more of a mentor of the soul.

What is Soul Healing
Coming from a Regent Park, a place known for poverty and pain, and seeing souls suffer day after day, I quickly learned that there are two choices in life 1. sit, wallow and whine, or 2. get up, and dance to your whine until you learn to carry a tune. Life will always be challenging to some extent, but life eventually gets easier when one embraces positive change as opposed to holding onto negative pain. Soul healing begins to take place when one learns to release the pain, and take hold of dreams, goals and healthier beliefs.
If you have ever listened to a good friend's sad story, been a shoulder to cry on, encouraged someone, inspired anyone then you have helped to heal a soul, and quite possibly saved one.
Healing a soul is two parts. One part compassion and one part non-judgmental.

How does one become more spiritual through Soul Coaching?
Soul Coaching can help to enhance one's spirituality, because of the values and morals used during the session to help the client with. Most of the values taught and used during the sessions are based upon the fruit of the character.
A Soul Coach guides their client how to make ethical choices when dealing with family, friends, co-workers, associates, and life circumstances. Encouraging righteous choices as opposed to unhealthy choices, that may hurt them and others, is the key to helping people who are seeking inner balance and a sense of peace.

Why Soul Coaching?
Let's face it, they've gotten this far making important life decisions, and they're fine. However, now they want to be better than fine. Now they want to increase their fine to a feeling of fabulous. Talking to family and friends about their goals, shortcomings, fears and desires very often does not help as much as a professional with friendly helpful advice.
A psychologist, or therapist is not something they feel they need. It could be that the person is quite capable of handling their life circumstances without calling upon someone who will compartmentalize them based upon their past and present.
The person has considered a Life Coach, but found them to be too pushy, and quite often they make unrealistic benchmarks for the client. Which in the end may leave the client feeling less inspired, because they were not ready to, or not able to reach the benchmarks set for them.
Nevertheless, the client may find peace in hiring a Soul Coach. Without the high benchmarks, and expectations, while still having support and a caring sounding board, the client can share fears, sorrows and goals with their soul coach.
Moreover, The client will receive honest encouragement without any judgments or pushiness. Like a professional friend who will believe in their ability to be the fabulous person they aspire to be.

What are some of the topics covered during a Soul Coaching Session?
Just because the base focus is on spirituality, the topics covered have a wide range from meditation, intuition, relationships, career, health, finances and positive living.
Clients may ask questions such as “Am I a fool for forgiving my partner for cheating?” “Is it bad to speak my mind to the ones I love?” “Is it okay to say no?” “I cheated. Should I be honest about it.” “How can I tap into the real me?” “I want to change my life. How do I go about it?” “How do I know I made the right decision?”

What happens when a client doesn't take the spiritual advice?
With Life Coaching the coach sets out benchmarks that are expected to be hit, and within a specific amount of time. Usually these benchmarks will have to do with growing one's life. Whether it be in the area of career, business development or maintaining good relationships there is still a change that is expected to happen in the client's life, and if the client does not hit the goals the coach may feel it reflects badly upon them. Perhaps the coach will feel they are not a successful coach if their clients are not moving forward in the expected way. Nevertheless, in regards to Soul Coaching, the coach offers strategies to the client which the client can use at anytime, anyplace and with anyone. There is no timeline, no expectations and if the advice is not taken immediately then over time, especially with character change, the client will eventually pay heed to the advice and implement it within their lifestyle.

Where do you provide your coaching sessions?
 Coaching these days has evolved. At one point the sessions were held in an office type of atmosphere where there client sits in front of desk and the coach sits behind the desk like the interviewer. That type of coaching is great, however, with some it's too constraining. Nowadays with the fast paced world and many changes in society it has become more natural to coach via online through video chat, in a cafe or while the client is driving in traffic with their hands free mobile devices. People are less fussy with location and are more driven for content and comfort.

What Is the focus when dealing with clients?
Enhancing the client's character in order for them to achieve a more balanced lifestyle.
Remove harmful thought patterns that could be holding them back in life.
There are very specific character traits enhanced during the sessions. These character enhancements focus solely on: Love, Joy, Peace, Self-control, Kindness, Faithfulness, Gratefulness, Goodness.

How Often does someone need to see a Soul Coach?
It all depends on the what the client's concern is, and desire for change.
Some clients have an issue such as jealously and need help eradicating the envy by increasing their own confidence and self-pride. It might take them an hour to gain the tools  necessary to combat such feelings, or they may need several sessions to talk through their feelings, why they have them, and how they can remove them from their life.


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