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Our mental conversations attract the course of our lives. What we think about, how we think about our past, and how we think about our future is powerful.

But it's how we speak to ourselves that brings the thinking into reality. Our imagination is a tool to build us but many people through unhealthy self-talk use it to break themselves down.

The imagination is a machine that spits out what you feed it. If you think everyone is laughing at you, you will feel everything laughing at you.

If you think your partner is cheating on you, you will feel vulnerable, and to some degree, even shameful that you're in a relationship of insecurity. 

As a Mindset/Soul Coach, I encourage my clients to increase mental control so they can embrace healthy emotional thoughts.

It's your thoughts that lead you, that show on your face, in your actions, and also pave your future.

Speak good and positive thoughts to yourself. When painful memories intrude on your positive thought pattern, don't entertain them. Those experiences have passed. 

Although they may feel crappy they can no longer hurt you. Don't let them affect you.

Love Cerise Fairfax

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