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Adult Bullying

 Soo this happened last night and has prompted Today's Message.

Ok, so, I created a group on Facebook. It's a fun and interactive travel group, based on the Dominican Republic, but we share all things "life".

When new members join, they are prompted to introduce themselves. It's not a requirement, just a suggestion, and in fact only a wee percentage of new members actually introduce themselves.

Last night a new member introduced himself. He posted a picture of himself on the beach and said "hello, I'm new here" type of message.

Another member responded, and in her comment she said "And so?"

The new member replied to the woman with "Well, nice to meet you too."

When I saw the woman's sarcastic/rude comment I deleted it, and suspended the woman for 24hrs.

I am not the type that enjoys censorship, at all!!! It doesn't bring me pleasure to reprimand anyone. Nevertheless, it was to set a group standard. I aim to have a safe and comfortable group environment where members can share, support, and most importantly welcome new people with open arms.

I couldn't understand why a 66+ year old woman (I looked at her profile. She had a picture posted of her 65 year old younger sister, which means she's got to be 66 +) would think it was necessary to comment with such rubbish.

I thought maybe she's a racist, because he's black and she's white. Then I thought perhaps she likes younger men, because he's visibly younger, and she was be cheeky to draw attention. Or it could be her way of stirring up crap, like a bully would.

At the end of it all, I had no idea who she was, as she never did introduce herself when she became a new member, and never ever posted before that.

When I apologized to the new member, who I do know, and have done business with here in the Dominican Republic, in real estate, his response was golden. He said he responds to rudeness with kindness. So that is precisely today's message.

My great grandmother often said "Kill your enemies with kindness." In other words, don't waste your time stirring up anger by allowing that person to get inside the deepest part of you. They are not worthy of your passion, and they certainly are not worth upsetting a good day.
Simply ignore the person if you can, or respond with a calm and steady spirit. For it's in your response that you demonstrate your mindset and emotional intelligence.
Life is too short to bother with unnecessary bullying, and untimely sarcasm. We are no longer children. And as adults we should take into consideration that everyone has their own journey. On that journey we never know what road bumps, and pot holes people are experiencing. So be kind, not cruel.

As the old saying goes "Stay calm and carry on!"

Love Cerise 

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