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Aggressive People

 Today's Message

There's a man who rents an apartment in the area that I live in. He doesn't live in the Dominican Republic, but his girlfriend stays in his apartment from time to time, and so does his friends when they're in town. 

His friends are nice, well mannered, and always pleasant. Him, on the other hand, he's aggressive in his tone of speech and speaks to people like they are beneath him. 

He has what is termed "masked anger." Rarely smiles and is always ready for a confrontation. When something happens that he doesn't like, he sounds like he's on the verge of losing it. 

He was mad one day at a dude, and he said to me, "That guy doesn't want to mess with me. I'm the wrong person to mess with.". I immediately believed him. I could sense that he acts, then he thinks. Only a fool does that. A wise man thinks before he acts/reacts.

So he has prompted Today's Message;

In life we'll experience circumstances that will agitate us and test our patience. It is not always easy to keep calm, cool and collected in those moments. 

Many of us get triggered by people, places, and situations, and it's exactly then that we must speak up, and yes, speak strong, but also speak with emotional intelligence. 

For it's our tone, our words, and our responses that demonstrate our mental, spiritual, and emotional aptitude. 

When you are tested, do your best to display your mindset in such a manner that it draws in your opponents, so they become your allies. 

Anyone can be reactive, overreact, and burn bridges during trying times, but it is the wisest of all people that handles an uncomfortable experience in an eloquent manner. 

Make troublesome situations a fleeting moment, as opposed to a stain on time.

Love Cerise

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