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Today's message
The only way you can change life is if you change yourself. 

Taking Things personally? Change that by not being overly sensitive to rude, inconsiderate or ignorant people. It's best to recognize the situation as volatile and don't allow your emotions to explode in the process. 

Giving too much and receiving very little in return? Change that by giving with no intention to receive. Universe will reward you for your kindness when you need it or least expect it. 

Finding the wrong partners and always ending up in toxic relationships? Change that by paying attention to the negative signs. Many of us meet the wrong person. However, it's when we allow deep emotions to grow with that person, even when we are aware of the red flags, that we allow the unhealthy roots to grow. Do not attach your energy to them. Cut the connection quickly and keep it clean. Don't allow emotions to get things murky and confusing. There may be things you like about them, and that's great because once you cut them from your life, fast, you will eventually attract and gravitate towards someone else who has good qualities similar to the good things you liked in the other person, but the new person will be better for you.  

Have friends who aren't a good influence? They don't try to advance? They don't encourage you to grow? They don't inspire you to be the best you? Change that. You don't need to cut them off as a friend, just don't make them your best friend. Find new friends, groups and interests. It's not always easy to click with someone. Personalities clash often and make it tough to find a true, deep and honest friendship. Nevertheless, like wine, friendships age and mature till eventually the bond becomes unbreakable and before you know it you have someone in your corner that has your back and you both will grow in special ways.  

Nobody is great all the time. We go through ups and downs and peaks and valleys. That is a huge part of life. Nevertheless, that's when we are invited by the universe to change. At our lowest valley, we need to reflect on our circumstances and remove the people and things holding us down. At our highest peak, we need to be humble and prepare for the way down to the next valley. It's when we are humble and prepared that we become masters in the change of life, and alter ourselves according to our now. Focus on now, let the past go, and prepare for what's to come. 

Love Cerise Fairfax 

Today's message was inspired by a dream I had last night. In the dream, I was annoyed with people. Rude and inconsiderate people. I spoke up and was not received well by the other people sitting around the table I was sitting at. I felt gaslit and couldn't understand why nobody could see that the others were in the wrong. When I awoke from my dream I felt sensitive and upset. That's when I meditated and realized that the problem was me, not them. It was important for me to remove myself from them, as opposed to arguing with fools. Because arguing was only making me look more foolish than them.

Changing you is the key to change.

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