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Single & Seeking

 Today's message 

Loneliness is a state of mind. 

If you're single and seeking love it can be frustrating when that special person is no where to be found. Trust me, I know. 

As a single woman, I too at times pray for a loving arms to hold me at night, talk with over breakfast, share my thoughts, projects, accomplishments and concerns with.

Nevertheless, being single doesn't equal Loneliness. As a matter of fact I know many couples that feel lonely within their relationship. They feel unfulfilled, unhappy and ignored. 

This is why it is important, no matter if you are single or spoken for, to find meaning within yourself. Dive deep into the depths of within, and find what makes you tick. Perhaps it's a course online, a general interest class, maybe even coffee, tea or wine tasting, a book club or simply a quiet stroll.

It doesn't matter what awakens your soul. What matters is that you feel satisfied and overjoyed doing it, and even afterwards just thinking about it. 

Love Cerise

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