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Fear or Faith... You Choose


During challenges many people tend to embrace fear automatically, and without first taking into consideration that they have a healthier option to choose. The other option is to embrace faith.

When you take on fear it is hazardous. Fear can stifle the progress within the challenge and at times change what could have been a positive outcome into a negative outcome. Faith, on the other hand, is what helps to make a better outcome with a more favorable experience overall.

Although embracing faith can be scary, once you have accepted to take it on, it offers a still within your soul that indicates to you that everything will be alright... no matter what.

In life there will always be those troublesome times that will try your patience and test your bravery, but it's during those times that you need to draw upon faith; the strong intuition within that says “let nature unfold as it should”. Clearly, in times of turmoil it may be next to impossible to just sit back, take what life is shooting at you, and say 'I choose faith'. Faith takes takes practice. Let's face it, we're humans, not robots. That's why with each and every tumultuous situation it is important to do the faith reboot. Tell yourself “This is merely a life challenge, which will become as lesson that will make me stronger and wiser.”

As the challenge takes its course, it is important to understand what is happening, because chances are, what is happening is a deep dive into a valuable life lesson and/or an opportunity for you to grow. Even if the situation is out of your control, What is in your control is how you respond, by embracing faith and letting go of fear.

The situation may have to do with family, friends, finances, romance and/or health and the worry could be so intense that it would be next to impossible to let go of the fear, but you need to let nature lead. You need to understand that the situation is out of your control and the best thing to do is be patient and faithful.

Where does it get you? It may not get you exactly where you want to go, but it will prevent more negative from happening in the process. Fear is unpredictable and does not reason with the person who is feeling it, and quite frequently it creates even more chaos. Faith is calming and relaxes the person who is using it. It offers the person a chance to comprehend how they can possibly create a solution or see through the smoke to the light ahead.

Faith will offer us the mental, emotional and spiritual tools that are required to strengthen our character while enduring a challenge. When in troublesome times people often bolt straight to fear and hit panic mode as their first reaction, which literally challenges them even more, because they are not remaining calm. Their energy is out of whack, their thought process is not helping them, and they are working on adrenaline as opposed to logic.

Although it may be easy to slip into fear, it is not the best reaction to take on. Fear takes our thoughts to painful possibilities. Quite often, when we react with fear, the most regrettable outcome happens. We think we are responding to the given situation in an appropriate manner, but how can we if we are not in our proper frame of mind?

Most times challenges trigger an altered state of thinking. We begin to worry. The worry conjures up fearful thoughts that may or may not be logical to the situation at hand. Then what happens? Those thoughts lead to actions, and quite often those actions may end up being out of hand or questionable at best.

Choices made in fear may not be beneficial to our best outcome for the challenge presented. We may say too much, or too little, we may not be able to say what we mean or what is important to say. On the other hand, faith will help you to find the proper words and make the appropriate actions necessary to help the situation.

Use turmoil as an opportunity to train your brain and your reactions to gain a better position. Taking on the face of fear will do many things. Not only will it give the impression of hopelessness, it will also take away the reality that there is a solution to every problem. Taking on faith will help you to think clearer, feel a shelter of inner strength and the logic that this too shall pass.

Remember friend, I am not preaching, I am teaching. I have encountered fears of many kinds, but through it all I ran from pain and took shelter in strength. Of course each situation is different, and each problem presents its unique worries, but when we take on that worry, and fear sets in, we then remove the chance to grow and learn, and figure out what we are made of, of what resilience we truly are created with.

One last thing, always keep in mind that with every challenge comes a timeline and things will happen, last and pass as they should.

Love Cerise.

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