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Your Relationship Is A Joke


You blame your partner for the crappie relationship you have, yet you are partly responsible for the condition of things.
It's not their fault that you continue to love them more than you love sanity.
It's especially not their problem that you don't have any clue how to love yourself, and you continue beating yourself up by obsessing over the negativity of your relationship while blaming them for the emotional bruises you have.
It's time to take a look inward where you will find the answers to the problem. Looking at yourself will help you to understand the real isues.
Perhaps you are stuck and you don't have the answers on how to unglue yourself from the disaster you're in. Well seeking deep into your soul will help.
Asking others who can guide you; A mindset coach, a doctor, a friend or even youtube videos of confessions from others who have experienced the same situation and transitioned from it can help you enormously.
-Love Cerise

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