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What Is God

Woman said: Cerise, I just don't know how to believe in this God stuff.

Me: Maybe you've never been given a reason to. Or perhaps you've just not recognized the signs.

Woman: What do you mean?

Me: Well sometimes people run to God when they experience personal pain, life trauma... Bad experiences in general. Sometimes they were introduced to God at a very young age and had the innocence to understand the power of the majestic source/creator of all, and learned to lean on that understanding throughout life-

Woman: So why does God allow bad to happen? Why do I experience so many challenges?!

Me: We are living an experience. Souls on earth enduring a human existence. In order to understand life, its negatives and positives, the gravity of earth with its yin and yang, we must go through trials and tribulations. Challenges teach us, strengthen us, mature us.
Although some challenges may be discouraging we will get through them. Some challenges can make you feel real low, embarrassed, insecure, worried... and more. Even when the challenge has passed, it could leave a bad taste in your mouth. You may often recall on the bad memories about the experience. 
That's how many of us grow, learn and heal. Some people have even made books, businesses, help centers, shops and devices from the experience of their challenges. 
Perhaps you are experiencing a wave of challenges for much deeper reasons than you know. 
Perhaps these challenges are life changing in a positive way and not in a damaging way. If you give me an example of a challenge perhaps I'll understand more. 

Woman: I got fired from my last job. I was accused of something I didn't do.

Me: Were you happy at that job before you got fired? 

Woman: No. As a matter of fact I wanted to quit many times. 

Me: Why didn't you listen to your gut and quit?

Woman: Didn't think I would find a job with the same high pay rate.

Me: Are you working now?

Woman: Yes. I found a new job after three months. I didn't want to look for work right away. I was depressed. So I took full advantage of the unemployment package. I needed to rest from that entire experience.

Me: Of course. I understand completely. Is your new job around the same pay rate? 

Woman: Higher pay.

Me: Congratulations! That's great! What else is great about the new job?

Woman: It's closer to home. No more 2 hour daily commute.

Me: Fantastic! What else?

Woman: My employer is amazing. So are my co-workers. We are all friends.

Me: That must feel awesome. Anything else?

Woman: I met my fiancee at work. I was single for years, lonely, then like magic he appeared in the office. He's a good friend of my boss. 

Me: Congratulations on your engagement. So through that challenge you lost a crappy job with less pay, and a deceitful coworker, but gained fabulous employment with a great employer,  friendly co-workers, more pay, convenient commute and a relationship. What's wrong with that?

Woman: People from my old job think I am guilty of what I was accused of. Somebody set me up. I was accused of taking home classified documents that were never to leave the office. I never did that. Someone put them in my work bag before I left the office and then reported me. When I arrived the next morning my work bag was searched by the CEO and she found a sheet of paper deep between folders with a list of clients and their personal credit card numbers. It looked real suspicious. They did not investigate. Nothing. Just escorted me out of the building. It still burns me.

Me: Sorry to hear that happened to you. What can you do about it?

Woman: Nothing. They refused to check the cameras to see who fiddled with my work bag. They wouldn't believe that any of my coworkers would do such a thing. I feel powerless.

Me: But you are not powerless. In fact, due to that challenge, you are in a much more powerful position. Now you are successful in ways you weren't before getting fired from that job. 
If you were still there you'd be powerless. Embrace the challenge, appreciate the trial that was placed in your path. For it was that tribulation that transformed you and gave you a much better life to live.

Woman: I guess you're right, but It still sucks.

Me: I know it sucks to have people think you went against the rules when you didn't. Especially being condemned for something you didn't do. But don't worry. Wait. Your name will be cleared. 
You see, what you view as a challenge was really a blessing in disguise. The creator saw what was going on at your old job and got you out of a bad situation. 
First our creator told you to do it. Your gut told you to quit, many times. You didn't listen. You had no faith. You were scared. So something had to be done for you to get you out of there. Since you were not helping your situation God had to.  
Now let God do the rest and vindicate your name. You will hear from the grapevine something about this person who set you up. They will be exposed and you will see then that God has your back. 

Woman: What is God?

Me: Love and everything in life.

Woman: How can I gain more faith so I can believe this spiritual stuff more?

Me: Be thankful. Give love. Judge less. Accept criticism. Recognize the beauty in a simple rose petal, the wings of a butterfly and a roaring wave. Take quiet moments out for positive self talk. Be bold and speak up for yourself when necessary. Be humble.

Woman: Where do I start? 

Me: Appreciation. Gratitude.

Woman: Of what?

Me: Being fired for something you didn't do.

Woman: Huh?

Me: When you acknowledge the circumstances and agree that you are better off through that challenge. That is gratitude. Through that understanding you will let go of the anger of being wrongly accused and you will embrace the beautiful blessings bestowed upon you. 
Simply let the anger go. Those people did you a favour. God told you more than once to leave that job. You didn't listen. So he had to get them to do it. They listened, and thank God They did. Look at you now. They fired you, but they helped to bless you.

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