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Stay Away From Fools

 There are genuine people out there. The issue is some of them are naive and gullible,  which means if you chill with them they could put you in circumstances with serpents. 

You need to not only guard your peace from serpents, but also keep the foolish ones at arms length too, for they can be more dangerous than a maniac, and not even know it.

If you befriend them they will automatically make you vulnerable to ill willed people who they are bending over for.

Due to their foolishness they are used to putting themselves regrettable circumstances, and they will eventually do the same to you 

Be good to yourself, and recognize the signs of a fool when Creator points them out. They are the ones that walk into a lion's den even after you warned them of the danger that lies ahead. God will always make them tell on themselves... PAY HEED AND RUN AWAY. RUN AND RETREAT TO RIGHTEOUSNESS NOT FOOLISHNESS. 

Love Cerise

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