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Brut Mindset Is Damaging Your Life


Some of us mentally mature as we grow, and continously cultivate a mindset that carrries our lives into a direction that creates an abundance of ideas and concepts to live better and happier.

Then there are some people who don't care about the mind growing advantages of diving deeper into the consciousness. So they remain stuck in a mindset that stunts them and keeps them prisoners of the merry-go-round of the masses.

Those people are focused on a brut style of living, money and material gain, only. They couldn't care less about embracing their true self or contemplating the possibilities of what this miraculous human experience can offer.

They follow the road map of a successful career, a spouse, the white picket fence, children and competing with the neighbours. If they fall by the wayside of these desires depression is a threat.

Although they make connections with others, often these bonds are shallow and based solely on what a person has materially, as opposed to intellectually.

It is possible they lack deep conversations rooted in philosophy. And so, they despise people who offer well thought out alternate opinions. Simply put, they are stuck in the traditional boxed in way of thinking.

They may even lack the interest to help others who are less fortunate, and run from the idea of befriending someone in a needful position.

Traveling to understand another culture and to increase their knowledge is not their intention. For their only interest is to be in vacation.

A lot of these people are empty. And even though they too, like many, have experienced emotional pain, they don't know how to process it, nor begin to conquer it. So they smother it with modern medicine as opposed to soulful healing.

Speaking derogatory is a language of comfort for them, and judging others has become their form of analysis of life.

They don't realize that fear of knowledge and personal growth has stunted their existence. However, they are aware that they vibrate at a lower frequency than the higher thinkers.

These individuals abhor ancient teachings and spiritual concepts, because their soul is lost in this human experience, and yet they don't have any idea how to reconnect with soul.

If this sounds like you, and you yearn for deeper meaning in your life message me for a soul coaching session.

Breaking out of the project human experience to live a more balanced existence is easier and more rewarding than you know. 

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