Thursday, April 19, 2018

RADIO EPISODE::: From Hefty to Healthy & Happy


Obesity is not only a problem within the North American society, it has now become an issue within the human DNA of some people. Did you know if an already overweight woman gets pregnant, gains over 40lbs more weight during her pregnancy the chances of the child becoming obese or struggling with weight issues are higher. Not only that the risks of health issues and life longevity could greatly be compromised.
Some people who suffer with obesity are willng to go through extremes to get rid of the extra pounds. They realize that healthy eating and a resonable amount of daily exercise is key when focused on personal health and a happy lifestyle. It is not to say they were not happy larger, but let's face it, with the concerns of blood pressure, heart disease and other health issues that obesity causes many people are trading in their bigger bodies and are embracing a more light wieght body.
On this show our guest Dionne WV will explain:
- Her plight from fat to fit
- What she did to alter her eating
- What mindset she had to embrace
- How she maintains her transformation



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