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(March 21-April 19)
Has someone violated your rights? Perhaps they hurt your sensitive heart or offended you and yet there is nothing you can do? Well no matter what it is, try to let go of the angst it created. Holding onto it really cannot make things better.

(April 20-May 20)
Don't worry if someone doesn't believe you. The universe will vindicate your name and prove you are quite believable. 

(May 21-June 20)
You will unite with someone from the past. They might not re-enter your life with grace and glory,  and might instead bring grief and gross memories. So be wise letting them back into your life too quickly. 

(June 21-July 22)
You really don't need to take on the problems people create for themselves, and then ask you to get them out of the mess. Steer clear of drama.

(July 23-August 22)
Contact someone you care for. Let them know how you are, and remind them of how special they are to you.

(August 23-September 22)
Don't involve yourself in other people's corrupt ways of living. Think twice before jumping in.

(September 23-October 22)
It has nothing to do with luck. It's actually called good karma. Good karma rewards you for something you did, said or thought that impressed the universe.

(October 23-November 21) 
Some things are a given and don't need to be said. Think carefully before you waste your words.

(November 22- December 21)
Look out, because love and new people will be entering your life soon. This will increase your inner joy.

(December 22-January 19)
Do you have an important decision to make about plans for a birth, wedding, divorce, or a funeral? Draw upon logic as opposed to emotions and in the end you will feel rested with your choice. 

(January 20-February 18)
New beginnings in love and relationships will renew your energy and put some pep in your step.

(February 19-March 20)
You might need to make a deciosn on a moments notice, but don't worry, because you will make a great choice.

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