Thursday, March 23, 2017


#Create a #vision board for your #future! Why? Well simply put a vision board can help you to crystallize what great things you want for your life, and also help you to gain deeper #focus on how to get it. 
How do you make one? 
1st #Mentally visualize what you want for your life, in the areas of #relationships, #romance, #finances, #career, #self-development. 
2nd Get a Bristol board, a #magazine, and cut the pictures out that best suit your #desires. If you want a big home, then clip the pic and paste or tape it to the board. Want a new car? Do the same thing, and cut a car out and paste or tape it. Want a new #loving #relationship? Well the same again, and cut out a #picture of a #happy #couple. 
The key is to construct a board that you can put somewhere around you so you can see it everyday, and get that vision within your head, until your mind starts to realize what it needs to achieve your heart's desire. *** you can also make one within your phone itself. Simply paste little pics you've copied from the #internet, or even pics you have taken yourself that inspire you, and paste them in your own cell vision board. 
Don't know how to do it? Contact me. I can help you make a vision board at a very low fee.
Email. or text/Whatsapp 416-722-5233


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