Sunday, March 5, 2017



#ARIES (March 21-April 19)
Don’t worry about others who do not see your goodness, because the right people will recognize your intentions and commend you. 

#TAURUS (April 20-May 20)
Some consequences might seem harsh, however, they do make sense, even if they don’t make right now, they eventually will.  

#GEMINI (May 21-June 20)
Discrimination never feels good, but it does happen, and when it does you should do your best to not allow it to adjust your mood in a negative manner. Do not allow ignorance to hinder your happiness.

#CANCER (June 21-July 22)
Want change? Well you can start a fresh life quite easily. First you must start with thought. Start thinking differently, and life will affect you differently.

#LEO (July 23-August 22)
Pondering painful memories? Leave the past in the past, it can do you no good reminiscing sorrow.

#VIRGO (August 23-September 22)
If you are unconcern then do not tread on lands that might sink you into sadness.

#LIBRA (September 23-October 22)
Recklessness is not attractive. Do not indulge in it.

#SCORPIO (October 23-November 21)
Some people have emotional wounds that are so deep that they find it next to impossible to release the grief it causes. If that is you, then meditate and love yourself for who you are. If it’s someone else, then hold them, support them, and hear them out, because they might just need shoulder to cry on to heal.

#SAGITTARIUS (November 22- December 21)
Engineer your life in such as way that self-discipline comes first, and overindulgence is behind you.   

#CAPRICORN (December 22-January 19)
When you damage something, whether it’s a heart, a material item, or even yourself, then simply fix it. Don’t sit in distraught hoping it will fix itself. Make the effort first.   

#AQUARIUS (January 20-February 18)
Let your intentions be known.

#PISCES (February 19-March 20)

A bad and rebellious attitude is for someone who is close to an animalistic nature. If you’re not a savage, then settle yourself and think before you react. 

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