Friday, November 25, 2016



#Aries (March 21-April 19)
Insightful Aries will enlighten others on topics that they might not even be well versed on their own, but because Aries is great with knowledge, they will certainly sound as if they know what they’re talking about.

#Taurus (April 20-May 20)
Because you are the responsible type, people trust you. In fact, close friends will show their trust for you by sharing their private information that they wouldn’t dare share with just anyone.  

#Gemini (May 21-June 20)
Disoriented folks will run to you for assistance, closeness, and guidance.     

#Cancer (June 21-July 22)
Disappointment comes in all forms, but the worst form is when we disappoint ourselves, because then who do we have to blame? Don’t let yourself down, stick to your goals, and stay strong.  

#Leo (July 23-August 22)
Criticism from others may come off a little tactless today, and perhaps tomorrow, but you dear Leo? You will turn the tactless criticism to constructive criticism, because you’re not one to allow what others say to keep you down.  

#Virgo (August 23-September 22)
If you want something let it be known. If you want someone then tell them. Holding back from what you want and who you want will only frustrate your spirit and eventually create unnecessary stress. Just open your mouth, let the words fly out and be heard.

#Libra (September 23-October 22)
When people owe you something, whether it’s money, an item, or even an answer, but they are refusing to offer it, then simply stack it up as their inability to express the commonsense to deal with you on a mature level.

#Scorpio (October 23-November 21)
Opportunity for career advancement will be knocking on your door again. It’s up to you whether or not to accept the offer, but just be aware that if you turn the offer down, you will have a chance to accept a more appealing offer at another time.     

#Sagittarius (November 22- December 21)
Getting upset over people’s foolishness is not necessary, and dealing with a serious situation with anger will only make things worse. Speak to them, make your expectations heard, and at the end of the day things will work themselves out.

#Capricorn (December 22-January 19)  
Paying more for an item that you know you can get less expensively truly irks you, because you don’t appreciate being ripped off, and for that reason you will find great deals for gifts, travel, business and pleasure.

#Aquarius (January 20-February 19)
Complicated people will try to deter you from what you know is the easy way, but they will not achieve their task because you will kindly let them know you got a better way of doing things.

#Pisces (February 20-March 20)

Forward thinking Pisces could lead a nation to peace, or corruption. Be the good force others follow.

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