Friday, April 15, 2016


Hurt people, hurt people because they are not dealing with their painful experiences in a healing way, so they perpetuate the pain by dealing with it in a hurtful way. They may be miserable to others, volatile, judgmental, and extremely ignorant. Perhaps they will also hurt themselves in the process by abusing themselves with self-loathing talk, negative thoughts, or by addictions. At the end of the day they are continuing their pain and manifesting more sorrow without healing and growing past their undesirable experiences.
Don’t be the hurt person who hurts others.
Imposing negativity on people who don’t deserve it only demonstrates cruelty and a lack of compassion. Most individuals in life have encountered sorrowful moments, some people more than others, but no matter how much grief that one has endured it is important to deal with dysfunctions without hurting others. 

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