Friday, January 15, 2016


#powerofthemind like the old Napoleon Hill adage goes "what the mind can conceive and believe, so shall it achieve."
This implies that what your mind can create in thought, so can it manifest the reality. All you must do is set a goal, a magnificent one. Now make it little reachable and realistic mini goals to carry you along each step to your final goal. For example, you might have a magnificent goal to make a million dollars, well what would you have to do to get it aside from relying on lottery winnings? So you might get a second job and save all of those earnings. You also might make another goal of starting a small business in hopes to gain that million eventually. You might want to become a famous singer. Well the small steps would be getting in touch with music producers, studios, songwriters, etc and make a plan to record in the studio once a week. Basically, once the mind has it's conception of thought, a plan is made, work is done towards it, then you will have a very real chance of achieving it.


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