Tuesday, January 19, 2016


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To be alive at this time, in this place of the universe, on Earth, a planet that is 4.543 billion years
old is a blessing. Yes you might have a few complaints about your existence, like financial, health, relationships, career tribulations, however, if you truly look at the fact that out of all the eggs/sperms that could have fertilized you did! You made it! Now try and make the best of it. There is a God within you, govern yourself accordingly and mirror the intellect of the heavenly bodies. Not every life will be rosy and peachy keen, but as long as you make the best out of your circumstances you will learn what you are supposed to during this human experience and go back to where you came from, on your own star, filled with more wisdom than you left with. Life on Earth does not last long, especially considering the fact that your soul is eternal.
Love Cerise   

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