Wednesday, January 27, 2016

NUMEROLOGY for JAN 27th- FEB 2nd 2016

How to figure out what number you are::::
1. Add the numbers of your birthday.
2. Break the answer down to a single digit.
12, 20, 1971
1+2+2+0+1+9+7+1= 23
Break it down to a single digit by adding the two numbers together; 2+3=5
The person born on this birthday is a FIVE.

Judging harshly without any valid reason to, only demonstrates your inability to compromise and express understanding towards others in regards to their short comings and life circumstances.

Want to reduce stress and increase peace? Live and let live. 

Except that your family, friends and coworkers will never meet the threshold of perfection, so leave some room for human error and everyone will mesh together with less conflict.

To each their own; remember that when you try to make decisions for others. It is impossible to live someone else's life. Either support them, or advise them, but live your own life.

It is okay to say it how you feel, just say it with a touch of class.

Focus on health. A healthy mind and body will reduce stress, enhance energy, and balance your mood.

Pay attention to your sleeping dreams. Write them down if you remember, because they will predict your future.

Laughter with good people will encourage you to feel relaxed and stress free.

You are an interesting person and people are starting to see how unique you are. All you have to do is be natural and do your thing.


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