Tuesday, August 25, 2015



Some people forgive and never mention it again, while others say they forgive but constantly blame and rehash what has been done to them. It is hard for them to let go of the pain that was thrown onto them.

When one’s feelings have been deeply offended, forgiveness and forgetting can be two difficult tasks to undertake. How do we forgive and forget when we have been hurt? Is it possible to forgive and forget? Is it wise to forget and be foolish to trust again?
You see, when it comes to forgiveness the answers might not always be clear, so things tend to become confusing for some and especially when emotions are involved. Nevertheless, it is always important to forgive.

Why forgive??? Let’s say someone hurt you, well when you forgive them the forgiveness is more for you than for them. Yes it is a gift for them, but it’s a benefit for you. For example, when you release the resentment you might have for them, through forgiveness, you add good karma to your life. Not only that, you also add joy to your bones, and cheer to your face.

By carrying the resentment of what was done to you, it eventually builds up and comes out in other ways. Sometimes it comes out as a dis-ease in the body. It could be something as simple as a common cold virus that won’t go away or something more serious, but no matter what it is it can help be prevented through living a more forgiving lifestyle.

Although it is important to forgive, it is still a delicate task. What’s important is to play it safely and not trust blindly when dealing with that person’s character again. Instead be mindful; Being mindful just means being careful and not gullible.

Always remember, you don’t want to blame them all the time for what they have done. You just want to keep in mind what they are capable of. In short, be quick to forgive, be smart with your trust…you will find the common balance.


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