Tuesday, April 14, 2015


1. Haughty eyes (A conceited look and an arrogant attitude).

So be confident in all you do, but do not allow arrogance to rule your head.

2. A lying tongue.

Be truthful in all your workings, it does not make sense to be a liar. It will show your disregard for God and the truth will always be prevailed. When your lies are brought to light you will see darkness in people’s eyes, for they will not respect your dishonesty.

3. Hands that shed innocent blood.

Whether it is a child, a woman, a man or even a pet, you should not harm the Almighty’s creations. Keep your hands to yourself. There are better solutions to conflict than war.

4. A heart that devises wicked schemes.

Criminal behaviour expresses not only your mindset and the state of your soul, it also demonstrates your karma.

5. Feet that are quick to rush into evil.

Stay away from those who want to do evil things and yet gain joy from it. You will lose respect from good people and you will gain punishment from God.

6. A false witness who pours out lies.

It is better to say nothing at all as opposed to tell a lie. Being false is being a fool.

7. A person who stirs up conflict in the community.

You are a fool if you stir up trouble in your community. The good people of the community will steer clear of you and see you as a fool. When your home is in danger they will watch it go into ruins as opposed to running to your rescue. People will say it is your own karma that destroyed your security.


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