Tuesday, March 31, 2015



You might have heard the term ‘pay it forward’ and if you haven’t then in simple terms it means do something nice for someone. Two things happen when you pay if forward. One is the fact that you build good karma for yourself. The other is someone gets helped.
Whenever I’m out running errands I like to do a kind act. Sometimes it could be something as simple as holding the door open for someone, a compliment or even a smile. Another example, the other day my daughter and I were walking past a store and their sandwich board had fallen on the ground from the wind. My daughter picked it up and reset it for the business owner who happened to notice her kind act and smiled out the window from inside the store.
On the flipside, a friend and I went to do a little shopping the other day and decided to grab a coffee. Our coffees came up to $4.05. The cashier asked me if I had a nickel and in which case she would give me back a loonie as opposed to 95 cents. I didn’t have a nickel and neither did my friend, but from behind me I heard a woman’s voice say “I have one!” and she reached over and handed it to the cashier without a second thought. I was grateful and so was my friend. Speaking in spiritual terms, our good karma came back to us at that moment due to us paying it forward in the past.
Similarly, my son was driving out West. The drive was estimated at 20 hours. He has never driven that distance before and he also had no idea how to get there aside from his GPS, plus he was alone! Well closer to Thunder Bay he hit a sheet of black ice and skidded into a snow bank. The Ontario Provincial Police called me to tell me my son was okay, but that he would have to get some repairs done on his vehicle that might interrupt his journey out West. Well my son is a spiritual kat himself and like my daughter and me, he too pays it forward, so the result was favourable for him. Long story short his good karma kicked in. By they way, when he skid off the road he didn’t hit any other cars, and when the OPP towed his car to the closest service station in Whiteriver, the only repairs they had to do was on the bumper. That took a matter of 30 minutes and he was back on the road again and made it out West.
People know the importance of paying it forward and most people don’t even do it for the good karma, they do it because it makes them feel good! Just like my facebook friend Doug, the other day on a facebook post of mine he commented “When I help someone I never accept anything in return for my kindness, I tell the person to pay it forward.” Bam! Now that’s a cool turn on it. Not only is he unintentionally building his own good karma, but he’s also inspiring others to do the same through paying his favour forward when they are in a position to help someone else.   
Paying it forward is not just a trendy term used to express doing a favour for someone, it’s an actual way of life. A loving way to mirror the beauty and grace of God and the awesome universe we exist in. Try paying it forward today and you will notice a difference in your heart and mind immediately.


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