Tuesday, January 20, 2015


Let's think of a time when we felt ostracized, how did it feel? Perhaps you were a kid on monkey bars and kids teased you, maybe you were in high school and the popular crowd excluded you, or university when you didn't grasp the pertinent course materials and others shunned you, it could be that you are currently in a career where your co-workers have no regard for how they treat others, but no matter the situation it still feels the same, mentally disturbing.
It never feels good when one is ostracized, gossip included. It is mean spirited and quite frankly it demonstrates ones mental immaturity when they choose to mock others and discuss their personal business. It also shows no regard for common sense, after all, when you gossip you eventually will be gossiped about, it's karma.
Use your time wisely, use your mind wisely,  and use your words wisely, this is the way you will find favour from the almighty redeemer and gain respect from others. Remember, if you are gossiping now, you will be gossiped about later. I have no time to discuss someone else's business with anyone unless it is with the particular person in question.
If you are gossiping right now, then zip it up, fix your character and straighten out your heart. It's never a good thing when you are more concentrated on someone else's life as opposed to your own.

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