Tuesday, December 9, 2014


So I just made a decision that I've been pondering for some time and when I shared it with my daughter, I felt a lil nervous because it does affect her and my son as well. 
So here it is. My kids are 25 and 19 now, and Christmas is no longer as 'magical' as it once was for them. I'm sure they love Christmas, but let's admit, they are older now and I felt it was time to switch things up a little. I decided to change Christmas and I messaged my daughter and said "Nolish, I'm not buying gifts for anyone this year, and with the money I would have spent on all our family, I am going to buy stuff to make sandwiches with and hand out food downtown here on the streets during the snowfall." I am so proud of my daughter's response. She said this "Of course! That's amazing! Do you need prep help too? I'd love to help make them,"
WOW!!! my daughter is amazing. Such an awesome character. To think that without a second thought she was so ready to say what she did and offer to help make all the sandwiches and come with me to hand them out!!!!! This is going to be a special Christmas indeed. I'm excited. AND NOW THE CHRISTMAS SPIRIT HAS HIT ME!!!!

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