Tuesday, October 14, 2014


Was up early to do some writing. I am craving the vada from the Indian restaurant. I am gonna walk the girls later and get some. Magic and Music love walking by there because their fav treat store is at Winchester/parliament. The Menagerie is their hot spot. They love it when I say "lets go get some meal worms and crickets for Randal." (My son's gecko) and they know that they are getting some treats too. At the front counter they give out free treats to doggies. Music doesn't like to eat while walking so she saves her treat until we get home, well I hold it for her. As soon as we get in the door she looks at me as if to say "Alright mom, how about that snack now!" Haha then Magic looks at me as if to say "Dang, I should've saved my treat too!" Their personalities is what made me even start writing DOG Astrology. Remember where you can find my column for dogs. http://www.dognews.com TO BOOK A SESSION: Contact Cerise directly by email- cerisefairfax@gmail.com Phone or text (416) 722-5233~~ TO ORDER BOOKS & AUDIO CD's BY CERISE: Please order online from www.cerisefairfax.com or contact Cerise directly by email.~~ YOU ARE WELCOME TO JOIN IN OUR ONLINE WORKSHOPS AND SEMINARS. PLEASE EMAIL CERISE TO REGISTER. SPIRITUAL RETREATS ALSO AVAILABLE. MAY GOD BLESS YOU, LOVE YOU & PLACE EVERLASTING GRACE UPON YOU ~Cerise


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