Tuesday, June 3, 2014


If you have sleeping dreams that have you wondering what they mean, then you may find the online 'DREAM...with Cerise Fairfax show' interesting. 
You can join in by emailing me cerisefairfax@gmail.com or on Wednesday at 7pm just click this link and join in. You can email me your dreams ahead of time and I will assess your dream On Air on Google + Hang Outs On Air

TO BOOK A SESSION: Contact Cerise directly by email- cerisefairfax@gmail.com Phone or text (416) 722-5233~~ TO ORDER BOOKS & AUDIO CD's BY CERISE: Please order online from www.cerisefairfax.com or contact Cerise directly by email.~~ YOU ARE WELCOME TO JOIN IN OUR ONLINE WORKSHOPS AND SEMINARS. PLEASE EMAIL CERISE TO REGISTER. SPIRITUAL RETREATS ALSO AVAILABLE. MAY GOD BLESS YOU, LOVE YOU & PLACE EVERLASTING GRACE UPON YOU ~Cerise


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