Tuesday, December 3, 2013


I have loved writing since I was a child, so it's my pleasure to share with you this personal story, and to also share with you my first published piece.

Here is how my writing career started. 
One late Friday afternoon In 2002, just a few months after I started my gig with the radio station coaching callers during the radio show, I called a newspaper to inquire about their advertising prices. I spoke with the owner Micheal. We had a brief conversation about the prices of ads and what size the ad would be. We really didn't speak very long at all. It was just an average business call... so it seemed at first. After he informed me of my options for advertising I told him I would ponder things and get back in touch with him.

Now here is the spiritual part, when we were saying our goodbyes he said "Do you write?" I wasn't sure if he meant professionally or personally, but I also wasn't going to squash the opportunity by asking. So of course like anybody who loves writing I said "Yes!"
So he gave me his email address and said I should send him a piece by Monday. That was it. I didn't tell him who I was, never did mention that I was connected to a radio station, nothing. So it's not like he wanted me to write a piece for his paper so he could indirectly get free radio advertising by me mentioning his paper during the radio show. He had no notion at all.

Anyway, I wrote the piece, and re-wrote it, and re-wrote it. All weekend long it was just tea, my laptop and me. On Monday morning I was completely ecstatic at the opportunity to write for an authentic newspaper and I was super duper uber nervous too. After two more reads I emailed the article and bam! He liked it! He really liked it!

His secretary called me to tell me they were running the piece in the next edition and that all they needed was my personal info. So when I told her my name she asked "Are you Cerise from the radio show?"
I said "yes."
She said "Why didn't you say so earlier. We'll have some papers sent to the station for you tomorrow morning when this weeks issue comes out."

I had to be to the station the next morning at 7 am and it couldn't come fast enough! It was like Christmas but it wasn't even December. So the next morning, as promised, PRIDE Caribbean Newspaper had a stack of newspapers waiting for me at the radio station. I grabbed the top one and my gosh was I surprised when I read under my name. It said Columnist under my name. Usually it would say contributor under the name of a freelance writer. It was a nice way of saying you're on board here at the paper as a full-time writer! And I am still with them 11 years later!

Oh and by the way folks, Micheal, the owner of PRIDE, is the first person who ever requested the horoscopes from me. Shortly thereafter I named them SCOPES and now many publications have carried them over the past eleven years.



"The mind I thought was mine was not really mine at all, but was the true consciousnesses of the Divine Creator. This is why I must take care of what is on loan to me." -Keeper Fairfax (my dad)-
How can we take care of what is on loan to us? Find yourself and start from within. There you will find the force and the keys within your grasp to open the doors of opportunity that will lead to a loving life and healthy mind. 

Once you unlock your mind you will view life like you never have before, and once you choose to look at life differently you life will change immediately. In all situations you will see the light before the dark, and you will be wise instead of foolish. Your eyes will be focused on your journey as your mind directs each step of the way. Your heart will bare witness to the perfection of creation.  

Troublesome times will arise, but they too shall pass. Rivers of emotion flow through our body’s everyday. Some days will be like an ocean of rough waves while other days smooth sailing, it is best to flow with the tide. By going against it you will stir up strife, by being calm and cool you add character to your spirit.  

We humans have an innate wisdom to pick the great from the bad and use the best to make us better. We were born intelligent, keen enough to make the best out of what we were given. The idea is to take the best of who you are and build upon it. It does not matter who you are, where you came from or what negative experiences you endured, your negative past circumstances do not have the power to hold you back from the great future you envision. 

Do you have a passion? If yes, then spend time often with the one passion that moves you forward in life. If no, then find an interest and make it a passion. Edit your life. What do you like, what are you good at, what has always interested you, is where you should start. 
Sift from your mind all the negative thoughts that discourage you and instead think from a positive frame of mind. You can simply re-program your subconscious mind by replacing your old thoughts with new enlightening thoughts. Everyone needs a passion. It helps to keep our soul inspired. Reading, walking, writing, singing, talking, gardening, it doesn't matter, find an interest and make it a passion!

For some it is hard to create a passion out of an interest. Many of us are living in the wilderness of the concrete jungle just trying to make it and get ahead. To make it in the jungle we must be quick like the cheetah, sly like the fox, hungry like the panther and lovable as a koala bear. You must envelop and express mental strength and emotional balance and go for what you want in life.

Do all you can to challenge yourself and refine your spirit. Read, write and reason with the wise. Pay attention to your body and mind, for these are your lights to guide you out of darkness when faced against uncertainty. Take care of your mind, for it is only on loan to you. Originally it came from the consciousness of the Divine Creator. 


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