Tuesday, December 10, 2013


Christmas candle burning animation

When my kids would ask me "Mom, what do you want for Christmas?" I'd say "Make me something!" or the famous one "Just keep your rooms clean and that's a good enough gift for me!" Then I would add "The gift of God forever and for always!" 
Every Christmas season, I taught my children how to celebrate the spirit of love. I often expressed to them that Christmas was not for us to focus on what we want to receive, but to be thankful for what we have. I feel it is a time to reflect on life, love and happiness. 
Even though I never made a big deal about Santa Claus, I would still give gifts, of course, but I never went overboard with the Santa Claus fable. My main message to my kids were for them to spread cheer instead of debt.
Evidently Christmas, when celebrated in Santa style, can be costly. On the other hand, when celebrated with the Prince of Peace, Jesus Christ, material items take a back seat and Christmas is restored for what it is, a time to reflect and be grateful. 
Reflect on what? Reflect on how a man named Jesus (origninal name Yahshua.) who was born to a young woman, raised by a dad who was not his biological dad, still managed to become one of the most influential teachers in history just by being true to his faith and love for God. 2013 years after his death some of us are still using his teachings in our homes to guide our children and manage our communities.
His teachings have changed the face of humanity in many ways. In fact, with his inspiring parables and encouraging guidance, Jesus has inspired many to transform their lives to live life more fruitfully and peacefully. So, because of the humble nature in which Jesus lived, I celebrate Christmas in the same fashion. I celebrate Christmas in such a way that is more reflective of the words, walk and the way in which Jesus lived... After all it is Jesus's birthday isn't it?!
Oh and for the Christmas dinner, what is a birthday celebration without a meal!? Of course a Christmas feast is important. Haha, a great feast always is, and this year I invited my family over to my place for the grand Christmas feast.
I had it on the 7th of December, a little early, but it was to avoid any holiday double scheduling. Some of us travel during Christmas, while some visit their other side of the family, so it was best to get together sooner than later. 
This year I decided to change things up a little and make the family occasion about the love and family as opposed to gifts and getting. So what I did was buy a bunch of pre-made gingerbread houses and we had a gingerbread making contest!
Now of course we did do a gift exchange, however, we planned it a little differently. We decided to set the rule that every gift had to be a unisex gift under $5. Oh it was awesome to see how creative my family is when it comes to buying a gift for under $5 dollars.
So with all our gifts we played musical gifts. It is similar to musical chairs but instead of moving from chair to chair we passed our gifts from lap to lap.We all sat in the living room in a circular kinda fashion, played some music and passed our gift around until the music stopped. The gift they were holding when the music stopped is the gift they had to keep. 
It was fun! And the pressure of how much the gift is, where it was bought, who it was bought for was all forgotten and what was remembered was the gift of love and laughter.    
I'm already looking forward to next year and thinking about taking it on a grand scale, party hall style!!!
-Love Cerise.

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