Chris Young/The Canadian PressToronto Mayor Rob Ford speaks to the media at a news conference at city hall in Toronto, Thursday, November 14, 2013.
Born May 28, 1969 makes Mayor Rob Ford a Gemini. As a Gemini, Ford will experience change throughout the rest of 2013.
The Age of Aquarius will make a stronger impact on his career life, and he will be left contemplating newer aspirations in 2014. With one month left in 2013, Ford will manage to make a stir once again. Just a stir, because his glass is only half-empty. Nevertheless, like a weeble wobble, Ford will not fall down, and 2013 will end, being one of his most memorable years.
The numbers of his birth add up to four.

Month (5) + date (2+8) + year (1+9+6+9) = 40. The rule in numerology is that the number must be brought to a single digit, so 4+0=4.
As it goes for most fours, Ford will also be seeking security in the last bit of 2013 and throughout 2014. His main focus will be to secure his job as mayor.
There is an old saying: “Enjoy the juice from the orange and squeeze ’til it’s gone.” Ford will be doing that in 2014. It is a likely possibility that some voters may want to re-elect the mayor. Nevertheless, it is a higher probability that he will be left sipping his last drop of orange juice — still mixing it with a little bit of … pride.
Due to his numerological number four, mixing with the seven (from adding the digits of 2014), the universal powers that be will have Ford unite with many of his plans for the future. He will jump from mayor to “businessman.”
Different opportunities will appeal to him; public speaking, a newspaper column, a radio show, and real-estate ventures, to name a few. So it would be smart of him to listen to his gut when it tells him to turn down the “off the paper” opportunities.
If he doesn’t listen to his intuition, then he will have to listen to a lawyer, and he will be exposed in the news again.
During 2014, he will publish a personal book. If he wants to make money from his book, he will need to write a tell-all, detailing his “dirty secrets” and all.
Since he only admits what he needs to, it is safe to say his book will bomb like his television show did.
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