Thursday, September 5, 2013


Book Review:
Urban Proverbs by Cerise Fairfax
Where do I even begin with this book? If you ever needed insight or calming words, this book is for you. Cerise has created a book that has no chapters and can be read from any starting point. What makes this book so amazing is that whatever you are feeling, just open the book and somehow that proverb (or whole page) just resonates with you. It's like Cerise is right there speaking to you and giving you guidance.
I bought three additional copies for loved ones and the same thing happened to them (the sense of clarity is pretty profound). Cerise doesn't give you false hopes or promises with this book, what she does is make you stop and reflect. Our emotions and thoughts are completely controlled by us, but sometimes we need that reminder that nothing is as bleak or grim for long. Sometimes we have to experience the bad to appreciate the good.
People who know me, know that I don't recommend anything unless I believe in it 100% and this book is a total must have. Get yourself a copy today!


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