Thursday, August 1, 2013


I know a woman, who for at least five years has been experiencing trials and tribulations. First they started with her finding a man who was completely unmatched to her. She treated him well. Gave him money, material and much love. He reciprocated by cheating, lying and beating her, and treating her bad in front of her kids.
Eventually the two broke up, but not before the Children's Aide took four of her five children. Within the last couple of years she was able to get two back home, however, she is still struggling to get her youngest two back home. She sees them every weekend. When they are with her she is certain to make sure the family enjoys time together. Every weekend, without missing a beat, she attends my workshops with two of her children. I love having them in the class, They add light and love.
For the past few years finances have been tough for her. Of course bad personal choices has a lot to do with her hardship, and she knows it. I am not saying she is perfect, but I am saying she has been trying to do better. Some of her bad choices have created circumstances with huge impacts which have taught her tough lessons. Life for her could be worse I'm sure, but she's hardly keeping ahead of worse, as she walks her path to better.
Her niche is in sales, she is great at it. So finding a sales position is not difficult for her. Nevertheless, it has been difficult for her to find a satisfactory position which offers salary + commission, which will help her to pay the bills. Of course benefits would be ideal, but she is willing to forfeit them for a reliable position.
With her two youngest not living with her, she has extra space in her home. With that being said and with her financial situation being harsh she decided to rent out a few rooms in her house. Although the renters help to pay her mortgage, the repercussions of renting her home to strangers has been an experience in and of itself, and too personal to mention.
Last weekend she took her youngest child out with her to make money. She was getting scrap metal, and taking it to the junkyard to sell it. She loaded a scrap washer into her minivan. Her child, trying to help, closed the back door. However, not judging the room in the van compared to the door's ability to close, the child slammed the door shut. Even though the bottom of the backdoor fit, the top of the door had a window that was on an aerodynamic slant and when the child slammed the door the window smashed.
The mother's heart dropped. The scrap washer put $50 in her pocket, but when she got an estimate for the window she found out it will take $1200 out of her pocket. Apparently the window cannot be replaced without the entire back door taken off.
Understandably so she was speechless. She didn't know what to say but she didn't yell and blame. Pretty impressive eh? On top of that, when they arrived to my workshop, hours after it happened, she told the class about the window smashing, but didn't say her child had done it. She said she did it by accident. It wasn't until after the class that she took me aside and asked for prayer and admitted that her child was the one who accidentally broke the window. Her child is such a sweetheart, and I know the child felt horrible.
The mother told me her child just kept saying "Why aren't you yelling mom?". The mother told me it was useless to yell because the child was only trying to help, and yelling would have hurt the child as opposed to heal the situation.
I gave the mother a hug and said "You are awesome. Partly for taking the blame in front everyone in class, and not putting a shadow over your child. More importantly for not yelling. That is completely admirable. May God bless you big time for that."
This is a woman who lost her kids because of her choices in love. Nevertheless it's the love for her kids that will get her children back. Eventually her children will be back in her home with her everyday. Imagine what this mother must be going through not having her kids. Now imagine the mom's who would have yelled and beat their child for making an honest mistake.
I thank God so much for the type of mother I was raised with. Like this mother my mother would not have yelled. She would have said "Cerise! Did any of the glass get on you? Be careful. Please stand aside, don't touch the glass, it's sharp."
Mom's think twice before you yell at your little ones. I know it's not easy, I raised two of my own, and I definitely was not the perfect mom, none of us are. However, my children love me and I am thankful for that. Very often I witness my motherly love shine through my children and that is when I say God is good. My children are grown now, 23 and 18 years, and they know I love them dearly. I never give up the chance to let them know.
Remember, not everyone will view you as the best mom, but as long as you are mindful to do your best in the worst situations, you will always be the best mom you can be.

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