Tuesday, August 6, 2013


Harold, Tom’s soon to be father-in-law,  said “Son, you’re a better man than I was at your age. Back in my day things were different. When my wife tricked me into pregnancy I was stuck with her for the rest of my life. Of course it turned out alright, but still. When a woman got pregnant the man felt compelled to stay and make the best of it. These days things have changed. Men leave when they want to. They aren't sticking around to hear some woman nag. The last thing they want is to be controlled. Yep, now the men leave. Some are goofs about it, but most ‘real men’ pay their support and get equal visiting rights of the children. I kinda like how things have changed. Lets the women know to sit back and shut up… kinda like in my dad’s days when women had to respect her man... or else.
So Tom, that’s why I gotta hand it to ya. You are a good man. You’re staying with my daughter, and even after she admitted to not taking that birth control pill. By the way, that trickery thing was my wife’s idea. Heard the two of them concocting the whole thing as I was watching the football game, and I remember because I had to tell them to shut their mouths. The Bills were on- I don’t think they’ll do too good in the playoffs this season. Anyway son, like I said, you’re a real man. I take my hat off to you. Shoot, I take my hat off to ya and I’ll give it to ya. I thought for sure you would be gone after she confessed to tricking you into pregnancy. Man I tell ya, if that happened to me these days I’d leave in a heartbeat. I can’t stand a lying woman. My wife is still a liar, always spending my money and hiding her own income. When I catch her wasting my cash she flat out lies about it.”

Tom was speechless at what he was hearing. 
He had no clue he was tricked by his girlfriend.  “What do you mean she didn't take the pill? She was on the pill but it stopped working.”

“You mean to tell me she didn't admit it to you yet? She’s a liar too, just like her mother. She told me she told you. Her and I got into a little dispute two weeks ago. I felt right sorry for ya and I told her it was only right that she tells you the truth and gives you the option to stay or go. You’re a good man and you deserve to choose what you want. She musta told me she told you to shut me up! Well I don’t feel bad at all for letting the truth out. She should'na lied to me and said she told you. Now her own lies backfired. Looks good on her.“

“Harold, I saw her take the pill every morning when she woke up. I saw her. I handed the package to her a few times.”

“She wanted you to think that, but then she spit the darn thing out. Trust me, I heard the conniving plans her and her mother were making. She was always complaining that you weren’t getting serious with her. Saying ‘after five years of being together and he still isn't thinking about marriage or children.’ Her mother felt that if you weren't taking the jump yourself then you had to be pushed into it.”


“What son, did you think this was an act of God?! The pill works for years and all of a sudden it just stops?!”

“But when she missed her period we went online and researched. It said that sometimes the pill stops working.."

"Is she the one who showed you that site? Or did you do your own research? Cause as far as I know the pill works. Of course nothing is 100%, but son..."

"Then why when she got pregnant did she suggest an abortion? It just doesn't make sense that she’d trick me into pregnancy and then offer an abortion.”

“Was part of the plan! Oh come on boy, I must give you more credit for being smarter than you are. She knows your values. She knows you would not agree to kill a child, and especially if you thought this pregnancy was a miracle instead of a mistake. She knew you’d see it as an act of God.”

“Why are you telling me this now? Why didn't you tell me when she was planning it? You went through it yourself, you could have warned me.”

“Son, you’re right. I’m sorry I didn't tell you. I guess a part of me felt sorry for my daughter. She really wanted a child and time was ticking away. Even if she did you leave, by the time she met a suitable mate and got serious enough to have a child her clock might have been tocked.”

“Sorry?!... that’s what you say? You helped your daughter take control of my life. She re-created my life.  She played with my destiny. I had no plans to have children. I didn't want a child at all. 
She constructed a life for me that she wanted! I didn't want this. Bottles, diapers, daycare, crying. This type of lifestyle drives me crazy. I enjoyed vacationing every four months. I loved diving in the sea. I treasured time with my friends. Now I’m saving my vacation money for my daughter’s university tuition, which she may not even attend!!!!  For the past 10 months since the baby arrived I’ve learned to deal with it because I thought it was God’s will. I've been asking God why he trapped me like this, why he took my free will and enforced his will. Why he imprisoned me like a dog into this lifestyle I did not want. I felt guilty for questioning God. I was starting to turn my back on faith because I felt God had trapped me into this relationship with a woman I don’t even want to be with. I fell out of love with your daughter long before the pregnancy. She knew that. I told her I was planning to leave her. I was even willing to give her the condo. Now I’m stuck in a one bedroom crammed condo with a woman I don’t love and a life I don’t want.”

“Do you love your child?”

“Yes…very much.”

“Well then my daughter did something good by setting you up like that. She wasn't trying to be evil. 
You would never have known the kind of love you have for your little girl if you weren't tricked into having her. Maybe you just didn't know what was best for you.”

“That’s crazy. Your daughter played the Wizard of Oz by acting like a fake God. That is criminal. It’s entrapment. For all I know I could take my daughter from her and a judge wouldn't disagree. 
Hey that sounds like a great plan. Just like you said best Harold, men these days leave, isn't that what you said?!”

“Yea, but why leave now? And why take your daughter away from her mother?”

“Because my daughter is still young and it won’t effect her as much now as it would later. Plus my daughter is mine and I will never allow her to be like her mother. Your daughter is a lazy, selfish, insane woman who takes, takes, takes, she hates everybody and everything, she constantly complains and is never happy. She’s hooked on prescription drugs, and is always too tired to do anything. All she wants are her pills. She doesn't even help me with the house cleaning. She never did help. You know I supported her all these years. Now its gotten worse. Always saying she has postpartum depression and can’t even clean after the baby. She says it gives her panic attacks to think about it. She wanted the baby so badly. She wanted marriage. She thought if we had a child I’d want to marry her. I’ll never, ever marry her, and now that she took my destiny from me I will take everything from her. I am leaving her, I am taking my daughter and I will fight her in court for custody. She doesn't deserve to have my child, or any child for that matter. I thank you for your honesty. You are a better man than you give yourself credit for.”

“I am sorry Tom. I don’t know what else to say. I feel like my daughter has been spoiled all her life. Her mother has always given her what she wanted. This situation is a perfect example of-“

Tom interrupted and said “This is a perfect example of breaking the cycle. Unlike you, I cannot sleep with a lying woman, or raise a child with a deceitful woman. For over a year I felt bad for questioning God about how this all happened. I don't feel bad now. Now my faith is restored. I thank God for answering my prayers about how this all happened and because God has shown me the light I know God will walk me to the the light and through it. 

When something does not make sense to you, never be afraid to question God. Our Divine creator is patiently awaiting your questions. The answer may be harsh, nevertheless, the truth will prevail.


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