Wednesday, August 28, 2013


“Hi Darling, wow! You dyed your hair black!”
“Yeah, I wasn't feeling the blonde any longer. Wasn't working for me.”
“Okay, if you say so.”
“What?! You don’t like it?”
“Well, I liked the blonde, but the black is new and you look just as beautiful. You said you were dying your hair. I just assumed you were touching up your roots. This is a dramatic, but interesting and new look.”
“I wanted to surprise you baby.”
“Ha ha, well you certainly did that.”
“You sound like you don’t like my hair colour!”
“Oh sweetie, I love it. I love you. The colour of your hair doesn't make me love you any more or any less.”

A few months later:
“Hey Love. Open your front door. I’m  standing out here with a surprise.”
She opens the door
“Oh wow! Wine, a teddy bear, and is that a Mediterranean salad in the bag? I love this surprise baby.”
“There’s more.”
“More!? Where?”
“Let’s go inside so I can unload my arms. Then I want you to go into this huge teddy bear’s shirt pocket and pull out what’s in there.”
She reaches in the Teddy Bear's pocket
“Oh tickets! For? Aruba!? When!!!!????”
“Three weeks from now. Booked it for when you have your vacation time.”
“But babe, my body won’t be bikini ready in three weeks!”
“What? You look great!”
“I have twenty pounds to lose. I’ll have to starve myself… I guess I can go on that liquid diet and lose at least 15lbs.”
“Whatever works for you Beautiful. Like I said, you look okay to me.”
"Just okay!? What happened to calling me F.I.N.E?! Have you lost some attraction for me because I gained wait?"
"What! don't be silly. The size of your body or the number on the scale does not determine how much I love you. I love you for you."

One year later. After being together for two years:
“Why are we parked here?”
“Well my Love, we are parked here because we’re going inside that store right there and we’re going to pick out an engagement ring for you.”
“What? Oh my gosh. Are you serious?!”
“More than I have ever been about any woman.”
“Okay let’s go... Oh wait. I didn't get a manicure. I’ll be trying on rings and I don’t want anybody to judge my nails. My nail polish is chipped on my baby finger.”
“Nobody will judge you. We’re going in there to spend money. They’ll be crazy to forfeit the commission they’ll be making from your ring just to judge your nails.”
“But… I feel so rough looking. I thought we were just going for a drink on the patio.”
“Sweetie, your hands look adorable. Look how graceful they are. They have that woman look to them. I’ll tell you this, any sales clerk who helps us will be using a J word, but it won’t be judge, the word will be jealous. They’ll be jealous they don’t have a diamond like you’ll have.”
“Okay. Let’s go get my ring baby… Do you think I’m too insecure?”

“No I don't. I think you are mindful of how much you want to look good, feel good and be good. You have a big heart and I love that about you. Some people may think you are superficial, and that is only because they don’t know you like I do. I love you because you are beautiful inside and out. That’s why I’m marrying you. Stop putting so much thought into what others think about you. You do so much better of taking care of yourself than most people. Let the haters have their opinion. They're called haters for a reason. That's their job. They are the insecure ones, not you."
"That's true baby. I'd rather them hate on me because I look good, feel good and try my best to always be good, rather than pitying me because they look better."
"Listen sweetie, don’t hold their opinion higher than yours. I truly love you because while you are always doing your best to be your best you teach me how to be the best person I can be too. I truly love you.”

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