Thursday, August 22, 2013


When somebody does something kind for you be grateful. Be especially grateful if the person didn't have to do it, or if you didn't even have to ask. When people go out of their way to help you and you do not show any type of gratitude it demonstrates many things about the state of your character. The number one thing it indicates is how ignorant your mind is, or how inconsiderate your heart is.
You may think that saying an initial ‘thank you’ is goodwill enough because it shows thankfulness. In a way it does, however, it takes more than that to tread the territory of gratefulness. You must meditate on what they did for you and lift their name up in prayer. Acknowledge what they did during your quiet time with God. When you go to sleep that night whisper a thank you to God that you were blessed. Smile to the universe that you know somebody as compassionate as they are.
You have to be thankful from your heart. You have to feel the good thing that has been done for you. When you feel from your heart you will know with your mind that the person is a genuine human being. They are the type of person who heard the small voice of God within them and listened to the Creator’s message to reach out and assist you.
When you do not acknowledge all they have done for you in God’s name, then you are preventing yourself from blossoming into a genuine human being yourself. You are literally exposing yourself as a fool when you show that you do not have the commonsense to give another person the respect and love they deserve.
When you have somebody in your life who is nice to you, attaching no strings to their good deeds, be appreciative. When they have your back and never ask for anything in return be enthusiastic about their presence in your life. They are the type of person who truly loves to help because it makes God and them feel good, not because it makes them look good. Only a child of God could reflect God's type of honest to goodness character.
Only God would have placed them on your path. Be thankful to God by showing his child respect. This way you will recycle your blessings and perhaps one day be blessed enough to also bless others in God’s name.

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