Wednesday, May 22, 2013


So.... I'm Cuba bound tomorrow. Taking five days out from the Tdot to experience another part of Gods Earth. I'm headed to Manzanillo. It's my first time travelling off the wonderful North American continent. It's funny, I've never had the urge to go away and 'vacay' so far from home, not even now. Why am I going then? Well the kids are grown, they are 23yrs and 18yrs old now, so I feel it's time to explore. I chose Cuba because I heard it's loaded with smiling faces and friendly people who give love and welcome love freely. 
I love Canada, I love it so much, with all the different cultures. I llove all the seasons. I love winter because the snow looks so beautiful after a lush snow fall. Like a white duvet all over the city. I love Spring because of all the buds, the baby flowers and plants sprouting through the soil looking all fresh and ready to experience life. I love summer because it gives us a look at the flowers and plants in full bloom. I love fall because it gives me a time to reflect on the summer that just past, the winter months ahead and of course the falling leaves are gorgeous... yellow, gold, orange and red... What more could we ask for? 
As you can see, I am not leaving Toronto so much to 'get away' but more to explore. I'm going all by myself, just for five days. I will come home with new experiences and a deeper understanding of life over on the Southeast side of Cuba.  
I will be posting pic's when I get back, of course... omgosh, just realized that I will be not be cell phoning, emailing, texting, fb-ing, twittering or blogging for five days!!!! Can I do that!?! Sure can... Folks, I will be checking in tomorrow before my flight to bid you a five day farewell.

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