Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Three years ago today, May 1st-2010, I got hit by a car. I could have died. God saved me. I am forever thankful to God for the love and the mercy that was bestowed upon me in my moment of near death.
When I got hit by the car I was on foot, walking through an intersection. My body was hit by a car in a 60km zone, and I feel the impact every day.
The pain includes:
Head aches, stiff neck, shoulder pain, back pain (upper and lower), leg pain, and even foot pain.
So from the top of body to the bottom of my body I experience the reality of May 1st everyday.
I do not complain, take pills, or ask God why. I handle the aches and live with my pains having the strength of our Divine Creator as my pain killer. Some days when I am in such great pain, to the point where I am unable to bend over and put on my own socks, I still make my best effort to live life. Why don't I complain? Because I am grateful to God for the love and life that has been given to me.

The following picture is a snapshot of the xray of my arm. When I got hit by the car my humerus bone was shattered and required serious surgery. The Surgeon was uncertain weather or not I would need a shoulder replacement.
Over the past three years I have had to regain the movement in my arm. My range of motion is not what it used to be and I will never again be able to have the range of motion that I had before getting hit by the car. The titanium screws will never come out nor will the plate. They will remain in my body forever.

Just like all anniversaries, people think back to the day of the life changing experience, and weather good or bad they can actually draw upon the memory, and remember it as if it were happening now and that is how I am feeling at this moment.
Today I am feeling the memory of the impact, mentally, physically and emotionally. The memory of hearing a car honk, turning to my left side, putting my out my arms in a motion to stop the car, while simultaneously bracing for impact, and knowing it was impossible to keep the car from hitting me, as it was too big to stop.
Today I am feeling the hit, getting thrown onto the hood of the car, as the car still traveled with me on it and finally stopped in mid-intersection, throwing me off the hood, and me flying in the air and then hitting the ground. I know I was not conscious for a few seconds because I don't remember my arm breaking, but when I realized I was alive I knew it was the work of God. Even though I could not move off the ground, I felt God moving within me. God spoke to me and said "Move your fingers and toes and don't you stop moving them!" I listened, as it was about all I could move, but it kept me conscious and aware of what was happening.

Today I am a witness to the powerful and awesome love God has for us. He adores us. He knows each and every little hair on our heads and cell that makes up our body... take time today to thank God. Take time today to be grateful for life.

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