Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Here are my two girls, Magic the bigger doggie who I've had for 2yrs, and Music the smaller doggie who I've had for 2 months. Magic is a mix of pomerianian chihuahua, and Music is a chihuahua. When Music first came home Magic was excited and jealous at once. She wanted to get to know Music but didn't want Music to get close to me.
We worked around Magic's fear by respecting her concerns while at the same time making her aware that Music is here to stay and that yes she's allowed to be close to me without it affecting my love for Magic.
This picture was taken one month ago, just 4 weeks after Music arrived. Look at Magic, she loves her lil sister, and she teaches her how to be a nice young lady.
Now, instead of Magic getting Jealous, she gives love. I'm so happy i brought Music home because now Magic has a friend to love, hold and play with.
Many people were saying "Cerise, why get another dog? Doing that will only make Magic feel like you don't love her!"
Well needless to say I'm happy i listened to my heart because now my heart and Magic's heart can share our love while still love each other!
Love is universal! For it to grow it needs to be shared!

experience each breath as if it's your first, and appreciate each breath as if it's your last- Cerise


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