Wednesday, February 6, 2013


v    Gain focus and direction
v    Heal your heart
v    Strengthen your mind
v    Increase your happiness
v    Balance your emotions and logic
v    Enhance your overall quality of life
v    Understand the importance of loving relationships
v    Master the ability to attain the success you expect to receive.
v    Learn to understand the areas of your life which concern you:
Health, Relationships, Finances, Career, Friends, Family, Spirituality and more.

Who is this for?
Ø      Anybody interested in doing better, becoming greater and/or creating/maintaining a balanced lifestyle. 
How does it work?
Ø      Through MIND: Transformation of thought pattern
Ø      Through BODY- Taking care of the body through good habits

When can one expect to see/feel change?
Ø      A person can feel the change almost immediately. Of course an overnight ‘transformation’ rarely happens, but has been done. As long as the newly learned behaviours are consistently implemented, then a transformation will eventually take place. This change will be recognized by others as well.
What Is Required Of You?
Ø      First and foremost, COMMITMENT to self is what you need in order to achieve your re-birth.

Is A Life Coach For You?
Ø      Do you consider yourself a negative thinker?
Ø      Do you get stressed easier than most?
Ø      Do you spend more time thinking bad, worrisome thoughts about your future, and the unknown ‘what if’s’?
Ø      Do you feel guilty for choices you have made in your past or present?
Ø      Have you recognized a pattern in your relationships which has been unhealthy? Anger, arguing, greed and resentment?
Ø      Do you run to drugs, alcohol or engage in sex with strangers to distract yourself from inner pain?
If you answered yes to any of the three above questions, you would be a good candidate for Life Coaching.
Learning to embrace and accept your life, without making any unreasonable expectations, will help you to turn your struggles into strength.

What Changes Can You Expect?
Ø      Re-create Behaviour/personality 
Ø      Learn to maintain a balanced state of mind.
Ø      Increase emotional stability in your life and in relationships.
Ø      Understand what triggers your anger and what ignites your happiness.
Ø      You will increase your knowledge regarding health of body and  mind.
Ø      You will learn to give the best of what you have, and find the optimal life you have always yearned for.
Ø      Not only will you learn to help yourself, but you will also become strong enough to assist others.
Ø      Finally you will feel an inner motivation to transform your life and enjoy the fruits of your labour.

(416) 722-5233

To book a private one-on-one, couples or family intuitive life coaching session please contact Cerise directly by email, phone or text. Workshops on strengthening spirituality facilitated by Cerise are held every Saturday. Topics range from relationships, spiritual gifts, knowing thyself, understanding the mind, thinking positive, erasing negative, enhancing life and so many more topics. To join the weekly workshops please inquire by email or text (416) 722-5233. For in-class footage on past workshops please visit,


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