Thursday, February 14, 2013


Sticking to your goals says many things about you. First of all it speaks volumes about your character. It says you are a stick-to-it determined type. Secondly it also suggests that you are reliable. People tend to respect the individuals who keep on track and don't give up just because the going gets tough and things feel rough. As a matter of fact, the determined types are the ones who become the most successful.

Although determination is the key aspect for success, in reality the road of determination needs to be taken into consideration before you begin your journey. For example, let's say you are digging for oil, and you know the oil is there. but you've been digging and digging with no result, you know something has got to come out of the ground soon, and it's only a matter of time before it does, so you keep on keeping on.
You do this without allowing your efforts to be thwarted by others and the circumstances around. You continue digging in the heat and even when you're tired. You do your best to keep on doing your best. then finally one day you break through and bam! The oil comes. and you are blessed because of your efforts.

Now on the other hand, lets say you are working your horse in the field, you've been working it all day, and the horse is tired. It simply cannot move another inch. It collapses. You try to get it up. You push and you pull, but because of the massive size of the horse it is impossible for you to even budge it, and you actually realize that the horse is on its last breath. So you then try to beat it. Still your efforts are in vain. At the end of the day you see that the horse is not going anywhere, yet you continue to push, pull and beat... that is not called stick-to-it-ness. That is called foolishness.

Another example of beating a dead horse is when you are determined to help somebody who you know is a good person, but they just won't help themselves out of the rut they are in, then there is not much you can do for them. In most cases, unless they are trying to move forward to help themselves your determination may not pay off. If you continue to badger them in hopes to encourage them, most likely your efforts will have the adverse effect and they will run from your help into the arms of the exact thing you are trying to save them from. Whether it is drugs, alcohol, an abusive partner, they have to be willing to change, and no matter how determined you are to make them change, it will have to take willingness on their behalf to make the change.
Now on a different note, sometimes we are required to remain determined even when we have no clue whether or not there will be a positive outcome. Well in that case we must hold on to faith as we forge ahead. If you believe in the cause and you know the potential is possible then continue applying your efforts. One of two things could happen. One is that you will achieve your goal, the other will be a valuable lesson you could learn. Either way you win.


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