Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Tell me two things that are so important to your life that you feel you cannot survive without them.... Think hard now…. Were any of your answers your Heavenly Creator? If you said no then this message is especially for you. If you said yes, then many congratulations to you for making your creator important in your life.

Making your Creator the most important entity in your daily existence is ideal. If you are not already connected to your creator, then perhaps it is time to take the necessary step to get connected. It is simple, just say these words “Divine almighty, I give myself to you.” Or say your own words in a similar fashion, but make the effort to speak to your creator. You do not have to do it out loud. In fact you can say the words in your head.

After you take the first step, stay in contact with your creator. Do not be afraid to contact God on a one-on-one basis. I talk to the Divine every minute of the day that I possibly can. I especially like to talk to God when I’m walking, washing the dishes, in the shower, at night when I’m falling asleep, when I awake in the morning. Whenever I have a chance I call out to God and I give thanks and praises.

The almighty guides my every step. I call the Divine my sweet saviour. The Divine is truly ingrained in my consciousness and I rely on the quiet still voice to guide my footsteps.

When you rely on your Creator, you will immediately take notice to the mysterious way in which life is lived. You will start to understand things in a whole new light. Life will not be simplistic, but you will learn how simple it can be.  God will direct you. Listen to your inner voice when in doubt and soon you will find yourself instinctively making the proper choices for your everyday optimum existence. 

Speak to God. You are connected to your Creator through your consciousness, the mind, and the connection is like electricity, the force within. This electricity is switched on instantaneously. Once you call upon your Creator a certain spiritual process starts to take over. People you would never expect to stop you on the street, in stores, at work and the list goes on, will start coming your way to preach the Heavenly word to you. As you learn you will also share the word. Truth will be a part of your daily seeking, and a hunger for knowledge will encourage your mental maturity.

The Creator‘s force is within all life forms, even a simple tree. The trees are smarter than us in many ways. They abide by the laws of nature by nature. They are tied to the Creation of the Universe. However, unlike us, they do not ‘grow’ spiritually, because they are already that advanced. They already serve their purpose in life perfectly, and they do it all without a question being asked. For them the circle of life just makes sense.  

The more you grow in spirituality the more your mind connects your Consciousness to the Creator. Your consciousness becomes one with your Creator and the two of you will merge to plan your life. Therefore, allowing you to live an exciting existence on earth celebrating the Heavenly Creators gift…experience.

Life is supposed to be enjoyable. That’s why we get so sad when it is not fun. Call upon your Creator at any time. You have a force within you that is by far more powerful than your human mind could fathom. The first step is conscious communication. Make the move.

~ Cerise : cerisefairfax.com

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