Saturday, January 12, 2013

Religion & Spirituality~ By Cerise written in 2001 revised 2013

What is the origin of man and how can one define the meaning of life? This is not a question that can be answered easily, however, it is a question often asked. In the beginning the origin of man was not a question. How to survive as a human was the main objective. Before man could communicate with one another effectively in through language, the human utilized their instincts. Instinct provided them with divine intuition, the innate ability to hear the inner voice. In turn they survived with guidance from the Divine.            

As time moved on individuals learned to communicate with each other more and with the Divine less. With this lack of communication with the Divine the individual ran the risk of losing their true self, their spiritual identity, and overtime experienced a break down in the minds of many and eventually society as a whole became infected.

Today there are many names for this lack of communication with the Divine. One of the most common names is depression, a real mental illness developed, to some degree, from the lack of cosmic intuition and the lack of spiritual identity. Depression is just one, but there are many names for this spiritual identity complex. Especially with the times changing drastically and the economy fluctuating so fiercely, individuals are beginning to make decisions based upon pressure and panic, instead of instinct and Divine intuition. 

At one time, religion served as a magnificent tool to draw man kind out of their calamity. Religion civilized nations through re- installing important spiritual practices, human values, and rituals to praise the Creator and raise the Divine on the rightful pedestal. In some cases it served as a Divine doctrine to help guide individuals on the path of peace of mind and righteousness and still does in some cases today.

Although traditional religion is still a practice today, increasing numbers are leaving the ol’ time belief system for non-denominational devotion. Some say they find religion controversial rather than inspirational and this is why they made the conversion. Now with the influx of non-denomination organizations taking forefront, individuals are once again exploring devotion with a modern twist. These organizations so far have offered an arena where people can develop a relationship with their divine creator and gain insight on their own existence.

Even though these non-denominational organizations are the new urban ideal devotion, they are no different from traditional religions. Like the traditional religious system, this new concept man has adopted also has spiritual practices, human values, and rituals to praise the Divine. Yet throughout it all, we watch citizens today, fall by the wayside and witness poverty on the streets in a country so rich and prosperous and don’t know how to establish equality of joy. There is still a missing ingredient.

So the question is this, what is the missing ingredient? The answer is clear; Divine intuition! It guides us on how to heal the world and resolve many of the troubles today. How can man get back to being intuitive? It has been proven that through positive energy and meditation the Divine and the person can reconnect the essential lifeline. It is this connection, restored through mental devotion, which increases full strength communication and enhances intuition, allowing you to identify with your inner self, your spiritual side, which can remove depression, conflict or emotional unbalance.

You were created special and your creator awaits your communication. Most importantly your Divine creator is ready to speak back. Through this communication you will learn how to identify with your true spirit nature. Now is the time to take a moment, sit and Listen to your inner voice because the smallest whisper can offer the greatest guidance. 

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