Saturday, January 5, 2013


I was in the park standing there waiting for my doggie Magic to do her number two. A woman was sitting on a bench talking... well actually yelling on her cell phone. I assume she was speaking to her lover, boyfriend, husband or possibly ex. She was saying "You're the type of man who has no clue how to speak to a woman, how to make love to woman, how to treat a woman... you have no clue about anything when it comes to a woman!"
She was completely into her conversation, not even noticing the many people walking by her. The way she was yelling into her phone was similar to a construction worker drilling into the ground. She was focused, loud and didn't care who was around.

She went quiet for a second, I guess she was hearing what he had to say. Then again, like a loud drill she hammered into him, this time saying "You are a good for nothing. You have no sense and your mother didn't raise you well. It's no wonder your father left you at birth. He knew you'd be a fool- Hello? Hello!" Oh I know he didn't hang up on me! She said as she dialed him again.

By this time I heard enough, Magic did too because as soon as she heard the woman break out in full throttle, she ran to me to get picked up and head home. As I was walking away I could hear her keep repeating "Really! you have your nerve. Really? hanging up on me? Really!"

At that point I realized the dude did something to her that she obviously was finding difficult to forgive, and whatever he did it was hurtful, but come on! I mean 'Really?!' Did she have to go all out on him like that?
Okay, perhaps what he did was so wrong that she may never be able to forgive him, and if so, then in my opinion why bother cussing and yelling?
Unless they have a business together or something that connects the two, then she should just let it go. Don't bother calling the dude, don't bother talking to him if he calls, and make more of an effort to get past the anger and onto healing.

Now if something does exist that connects the two, then yelling and fighting or holding bad feelings will not fix things, and it will certainly not make him a better person, but it will make her worse of a person to take on ill feelings.
The best way, in my opinion, that this situation could have been handled would be for her to relax, take this situation as way to show maturity, understanding and love... not hate.

At the end of the day, if we want to be forgiven for our shortcomings, because we all fall short of the glory of God and we are not perfect, and if we want to live the best life possible, then it is best to use each situation that makes us feel hateful, as a way to express love.
No matter how much we may feel the other person deserves a tongue lashing, and perhaps a good lesson taught to them, it is still best to let God be the judge, and instead forge forward being the best we can be, while looking out for our best being.

Only deviant people will say "Really! You did that to me? I'll get revenge and you will feel sorry!"

A person who holds a righteous character will express forgiveness and say "Ouch, that hurt, but I can learn and grow from this."

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