Wednesday, January 9, 2013


My Daughter Nolisha gifted this beautiful canvas artwork to me. I love it! I love most pieces of art. Not only because each piece is unique, but I also appreciate the time, thought and effort applied to each piece.
When i think about the bible and the amount of time that was put into each book in the bible, i especially appreciate it because of the way in which writing back then was accomplished.
They didn't have computers... or pens and paper for that matter! When they wrote it was on walls, cups or papyrus, which was their form of paper, however, it doesn't compare to the convienience of they type of paper we have today. 
Just that fact alone makes me feel loved. It is a great honour that our forefathers took the time to write out each letter in an art form in order to serve God and carry out the wishes of his will. Through their efforts we know the word, the written word.
Remember, however, that eventhough the bible is a work of art, it should not be hung somewhere and forgotten about.
like a wonderful piece of unique art it should be placed in a area and used as a discussion piece when your friends and family are over. Take it with you when you travel, use it when you are taking time for yourself! 
love it! For it is an awesome piece of art that God, because he loves you, wanted you to have!
experience each breath as if it's your first, and appreciate each breath as if it's your last- Cerise

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