Thursday, January 3, 2013


Draw upon the Divine creator, the majestic Lord of lords, and King or Kings. When your life seems unmanageable, your family is unbearable, your job is overworking you, and your love life is not headed in a desirable direction all you have to do is follow these simple instructions. God made them easy enough for a child to understand. He did it for Jesus, he'll do it for you!

1. DROP TO YOUR KNEES (in a quiet place where you can call upon God.)

2. GIVE YOUR BURDENS TO HIM (freely without fear that you are weak or loading too much upon God. He wants to make your struggles, your yoke light.)

3. SHOW HIM GRATITUDE (by reciprocating your request by removing negative thoughts, helping others willingly, and by expressing understanding without judgments.)
experience each breath as if it's your first, and appreciate each breath as if it's your last- Cerise


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