Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Jesus was a fishermans friend. He did more than soothe their throat. He restored their lives, and quite frankly made them famous!
2013 years after the fishermen (Peter)Simon,  Andrew, James and John were first known and hand picked by Jesus, people these days are still naming their children after the Four fishermen.
From poverty stricken to wealthy families they name their children after men who fished for a living.
Why do you suppose they do that? Well perhaps some do it from tradition, but there are some who deliberately name their sons after those four fishermen because of the dignity that is carried with the name.
The parents wish for their newborn to carry a name of honour. The names of men who Jesus was directed by God to choose to join him on his journey. To join him on his mission as a servant of the Divine creator.
What a great honour it was for those men to be plucked from their homestead, taken on one of the most important pilgrimages known to man and years later to have millions of children, if not billions to be named after them.
Those four fishermen owe it all to God and the fishermans friend... jesus.  

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