Monday, December 31, 2012


I'm so excited to share this news with you all. My new baby Chihuahua was born on Dec 13th-2012 just one week before my birthday. I am so excited to meet her and hold her, and kiss her, and hug her, and smell her lil puppy breath... and just love her up!
I have decided to name her Music! Since I already have Magic, who some of you may be familiar with from my past posts, now I'll have Magic and Music.. M&M.
Alright, so I have included pictures with the post to show you how she looks, and she's simply adorable. My friends Ron and April, who own the parents of lil Music, have been kind enough to share pic's with me from the time Music was four days old, and today I received updated pic's and she is growing healthy and strong.

Here she is at four days old. In this picture her eyes are not opened yet.

And here she is at two weeks old with her mommy

Look at her pose. She's such a pretty model. Beautiful eyes!

Modelling is a tough job. She's ready for her nap now.

Well as you can tell I'm in love. Look at that lil tongue and ears, wouldn't you be in love?! Oh gosh, I've been counting down the days. I keep letting Magic my doggie know that she has a lil sister coming soon. Of course I keep talking about her to Tyre, my son, who is like every other teenager and responds with very little enthusiasm by saying "Good. Can I get a dog too? I want a pitbull."
Then of course I say "The only pitbull in this house will be the CD of the singer Pitbull." Tyre got me the CD for my bday.
Now if you are like me, and you've fallen in love, you too can have your own little Chihuahua. My friends Ron and April have a few more left for sale. You can contact me and I'll set you up with them immediately because you know how fast these little ones go. 
The price is reasonable as well, and the puppies are pure breed.
If you are not familiar with Chihuahua breed, let me tell you that they are protective, loyal and loving dogs. Very easy to maintain. For those of you who work during the day, or live in an apartment, you can use the puppy pad so the doggie will not soil your floors or carpets.

Needless to say I feel like a child at Christmas time waiting for Santa to arrive with the special gift!!!

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